Napoli president shuts down Mourinho links

Napoli president shuts down Mourinho links

Faruq Ibrahim 23:02 - 26.01.2024

Napoli president De Laurentiis rules out hiring Mourinho amidst rumours linking the ex-Roma boss to the club.

Amidst the swirling rumours and speculation, Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has recently cleared the air on rumours linking the club to José Mourinho. 

De Laurentiis unequivocally denied any links between Mourinho and Napoli, putting to rest the growing speculations about Mourinho possibly heading to Napoli.

Napoli's Stance on Mourinho

De Laurentiis's comments come as a definitive response to the rumours that had been circulating about Mourinho's potential association with Napoli. 

Despite Mourinho's availability and his esteemed status as a coach, De Laurentiis stated, "Mourinho has nothing to do with Napoli. He was at Roma; now he’s free but I don’t know if he can go to another team; I haven’t studied the regulations." 

This statement indicates that Napoli has not considered Mourinho as part of their plans. Furthermore, De Laurentiis expressed his admiration for Mourinho and his Portuguese heritage but emphasised his belief that Mourinho's future lies outside of Italy, particularly not in Naples.

Jose Mourinho taking a walk || THE MEGA AGENCY
Jose Mourinho taking a walk || THE MEGA AGENCY

The Current Focus of Napoli

While addressing Mourinho's situation, De Laurentiis also shed light on other significant developments at Napoli. This includes the future of Victor Osimhen, Napoli's top scorer, who has been hinting at a possible departure despite extending his contract with the club. 

De Laurentiis acknowledged the challenges of retaining Osimhen, noting the interest from major clubs last summer.

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