Osimhen linked with shock move to Juventus from Napoli

Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen | IMAGO

Osimhen linked with shock move to Juventus from Napoli

Ayoola Kelechi 23:00 - 29.01.2024

Nigeria's Victor Osimhen could be turning out for the Old Lady next season according to a former Serie A star

The football world is buzzing with the prospect of Victor Osimhen potentially leaving Napoli for Juventus. Alessandro Matri, a former Juventus attacker, has fueled this speculation by suggesting that there's still a chance for Osimhen to join the Bianconeri in the upcoming summer transfer window. 

Matri, now a pundit, believes that Juventus could sell Dusan Vlahovic to fund Osimhen's signing, drawing parallels to Juventus's past acquisition of Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli​​​​, as per reports from Football Italia

Napoli's Stance on Osimhen

However, the situation is far from straightforward. After losing Higuain to Juventus due to a release clause in 2016, Napoli altered their contract strategy. They included a clause in their deals that release clauses are only valid for clubs outside of Italy, a move seen as a specific strategy against Juventus. 

This clause still holds for Osimhen's contract, complicating any potential move to Juventus. Osimhen, who extended his contract with Napoli until 2026, has been linked to various top European clubs including Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, and Arsenal​​.

The Premier League Attraction

Despite the Juventus link, Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has hinted at Osimhen's possible move to the Premier League. 

Osimhen himself has acknowledged the rumors linking him with the Premier League, expressing his admiration for one of the world's biggest and best leagues. With his current contract, Napoli seems to be preparing for his departure, with De Laurentiis mentioning Real Madrid, PSG, and the Premier League as likely destinations​​.

Juventus's Strategy on Osimhen

Juventus's financial strategy plays a crucial role in this transfer saga. Matri's suggestion to sell Vlahovic could generate the necessary funds for Osimhen's transfer. Additionally, the potential profit from selling Matias Soulé could further bolster Juventus's financial capability to pursue Osimhen. 

The club's qualification for the Champions League could provide additional financial resources. This strategy reflects Juventus's approach to balancing their books while aiming to strengthen their squad​​​​.

Victor Osimhen's future seems to be a topic of intense speculation and strategic maneuvering by various football clubs. While the possibility of a move to Juventus exists, contractual complexities and Napoli's strategy, coupled with Osimhen's own inclinations, make this a complex and unpredictable transfer saga. As the summer transfer window approaches, all eyes will be on Osimhen's decision, which could significantly impact the dynamics of European football.

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