Mohammed Kudus ignores Ghanaian legends, names Nigerian icon as best African Player in history

Mohammed Kudus | Imago


Mohammed Kudus | Imago

Mohammed Kudus ignores Ghanaian legends, names Nigerian icon as best African Player in history

Faruq Ibrahim 21:12 - 13.04.2024

West Ham's rising star, Mohammed Kudus, pays tribute to Jay Jay Okocha as the greatest African player, acknowledging his impact on the game and fans.

Ghanaian star boy Mohammed Kudus of West Ham United has boldly named Nigerian icon Jay Jay Okocha as the greatest African player. Okocha, known for his incredible skill on the pitch, left an indelible mark on the football world, inspiring a new generation of players.

Kudus Hails Okocha's Legacy

In an interview with SkySports, Kudus expressed his admiration for Okocha's playing style, emphasising the importance of entertaining the fans. He highlighted Okocha's ability to bring joy and excitement to the game, making a lasting impression on supporters.

Kudus credited Okocha for his creativity and unique approach to football, which set him apart from other players.

After naming Okocha as the best African player of all time, he went on to defend his choice. “In my lens from explaining how I see creative players that are trying to entertain the game. That can never be washed away," Kudus told SkySports.

"The fans can never forget the experience, the entertainment you give them on the pitch. I know goals and assists are important and stuff like that, but I like creative players and players that try to entertain the fans. Try to do things different from what everyone else is doing than just passing the ball.”

Kudus Making Waves at West Ham

Kudus, who has been a standout performer for West Ham United under David Moyes, has been lauded for his contributions on the pitch. With seven goals and four assists in 27 league appearances, the Ghanaian forward has been making significant strides in the English Premier League.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Okocha, Kudus aims to continue entertaining fans and showcasing his talent at the highest level.

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