Chelsea warned to stay away from Osimhen by club legend

Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli during the Serie A match between AC Monza and SSC Napoli at U-Power Stadium on April 7, 2024 in Monza, Italy Copyright: xFOTOAGENZIAx

Chelsea warned to stay away from Osimhen by club legend

Faruq Ibrahim 18:25 - 12.04.2024

Emmanuel Petit warns Chelsea against signing Osimhen and Gyokeres, citing the need to focus on existing talents and criticising owner Todd Boehly for alleged mismanagement.

Former Chelsea player Emmanuel Petit has cautioned the club against pursuing Victor Osimhen and Victor Gyokeres this summer. He criticised owner Todd Boehly for allegedly mismanaging the team and jeopardising key players like Conor Gallagher.

Petit emphasised the need for Chelsea to focus on improving their current squad members rather than making unnecessary signings.

Emmanuel Petit Advises Chelsea on Transfer Choices

In a recent statement to Genting Casino, Emmanuel Petit expressed his reservations about Chelsea's rumoured interest in Victor Osimhen and Victor Gyokeres. He believes that the club already possesses sufficient talent but lacks the cohesion and confidence required for optimal performance.

Petit highlighted Nicolas Jackson as a player with untapped potential, urging Chelsea to support and nurture existing talents rather than seeking external reinforcements.

"I don’t think Chelsea need Gyokeres or Osimhen. With Chelsea, there are so many players who are not playing to their level and can do so much more."

Napoli's Victor Osimhen celebrates victory over Monza | Imago
Napoli's Victor Osimhen celebrates victory over Monza | Imago

"I think Nicolas Jackson is one of them. He’s got lots of potential and has shown it in glimpses but needs to do more. I think Caicedo needs to too and so does the Argentine midfielder, Enzo (Fernandez).

"There are many players who don’t play the way they should, there’s no confidence, they’re lost on the pitch - and it’s the same with Jackson. He’s struggling as the team is struggling.

"He’s not the type to dribble past four or five defenders and score, he’s not like that, but when Chelsea improve as a team, he will improve. That’s why I don't think Chelsea need to sign a striker - they need to stop spending so much."

Criticism Towards Chelsea Owner Todd Boehly

Petit did not hold back in his critique of Chelsea owner Todd Boehly, accusing him of mismanaging the club and making questionable transfer decisions. The former Blues player lamented the potential departure of Conor Gallagher, citing him as a crucial player and a rare leader within the team.

"If anything summed up the board of Chelsea, it is this," he said about Gallagher's contract situation.

"Can you believe that? They are running the club into the ground. Boehly has signed so many players that he may have to get rid of Gallagher, one of their most important players.

Conor Gallagher of Chelsea || Imago
Conor Gallagher of Chelsea || Imago

"He’s one of the only leaders, too, so it really is crazy to be a Chelsea fan right now. I’m happy I wasn’t around in the Boehly era."

Petit's scathing remarks underscore a growing concern among Chelsea supporters regarding the direction in which the club is headed under Boehly's leadership.

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