Mikel betrays Chelsea fans, reveals favourite club growing up and first-ever jersey

Mikel Obi at the Champions League draws || Image credit: Imago

Mikel betrays Chelsea fans, reveals favourite club growing up and first-ever jersey

Faruq Ibrahim 22:43 - 02.04.2024

Super Eagles legend John Mikel Obi provided insight into the team he supported while growing up by revealing his first-ever jersey.

Super Eagles and Chelsea legend John Mikel Obi was UEFA’s special guest in the Champions League draw a few weeks ago, and by his hands, the fates of 16 of Europe’s elite clubs were decided.

The Nigerian has seemingly continued the collaboration with the European football governing body, as in a recent post from the Champions League Instagram account, Mikel was made to partake in the ‘this or that’ trend through which he made some interesting revelations.

Mikel reveals his first-ever jersey 

Mikel is undoubtedly one of Chelsea’s modern legends, partaking in the club’s first ever UCL triumph; hence, his answer when he revealed his first ever jersey sparked reactions.

The former Trabzonspor midfielder revealed that the first football jersey he ever owned was that of Arsenal, an answer that could upset Chelsea faithfuls, given their London rivalry with the Gunners.

It is possible that Mikel was once an Arsenal fan, as a quote from Ghanaian journalist Derek Katey Caesar has the 36-year-old claiming to have been an Arsenal fan due to Kanu Nwankwo’s influence. 

"I grew up supporting Arsenal because of one person, Nwankwo Kanu When a Nigerian plays, you support your own. But now, when you watch the younger kids, everybody has moved to Chelsea because of me and Victor Moses."

Kanu Nwankwo during is Arsenal days.
Kanu Nwankwo during is Arsenal days.

Mikel or not, the content of the purported quote is the reality for many Nigerians. The influence of the legendary Kanu Nwankwo led to the mass followership of Arsenal in the early 2000s.

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