Manchester United are the new Tottenham — Roy Keane

Manchester United are the new Tottenham — Roy Keane

Faruq Ibrahim 16:46 - 20.08.2023

Manchester United legend berates the Red Devils over their performance against Tottenham.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane slammed the Red Devils’ performance against Tottenham, calling them the new Spurs, which suggests a fall from the level they should be.

The Lilywhites defeated Erik Ten Hag’s side 2-0 in Saturday evening's Premier League fixture at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium thanks to strikes from Pape Mata Sarr and Ben Davies, inviting criticism from one of the club’s greatest-ever players.

What Roy Keane said

The former Red Devils captain, now a pundit, was visibly disgusted by the performance of the club that calls him a legend, and he suggested it was a recurring theme.

Keane said Manchester United only play well at home when the energy of the fans at Old Trafford is behind them, and poorly away from their cozy abode.

Tottenham and Ange Postecoglou get first win of the season || Credit: Imago
Tottenham and Ange Postecoglou get first win of the season against Manchester United || Credit: Imago

The Irish pundit went on to say Manchester United are an easy team to play against nowadays, and that although they got a win against Wolves, Gary O’Neil’s side cut through them with ease.

“I think Man United are the new Spurs,” he said, per

“Desperate, absolutely desperate. The biggest insult I always think about with teams is teams who can’t do it away from home or players who aren’t up for it away from home.

“They’re a good team when they fancy it, when their fans are up for it at home and they’ve got that support and that energy, but United go away today and they were weak. No leadership, gave bad goals away. 

“Spurs were lovely, all credit to Spurs, but United, it’s easy to play against them. I said before the game they were poor against Wolves but they got the result and they would be better today. They weren’t.”

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