Liverpool to Receive Paltry Sum for Beating Chelsea in EFL Cup Final

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Liverpool to Receive Paltry Sum for Beating Chelsea in EFL Cup Final

Ayoola Kelechi 15:48 - 26.02.2024

Liverpool beat Chelsea to lift the EFL Cup trophy, here is how much they made from their historic victory

After clinching the Carabao Cup trophy in a hard-fought final against Chelsea, Liverpool is set to receive a modest £100,000 in prize money. In comparison, the vanquished Chelsea will take home £50,000 for their efforts.

Prize Money Disparity

The financial rewards for this EFL Cup victory pale in comparison to other prestigious football competitions. Premier League winners can secure over £100 million, and Champions League victors enjoy a similar windfall. 

The FA Cup winners for this season are expected to earn around £4 million, with even the third-round victors pocketing £105,000.

Value Beyond Prize Money

Despite the seemingly low prize money for the Carabao Cup, the competition remains a valuable asset for the English Football League (EFL) and its participating clubs. The annual estimated value of the League Cup is around £80 million. Each club, including those in the lower tiers, receives 45% of the earnings from all matches throughout the competition, providing crucial financial support for smaller teams that draw fixtures against top-tier opponents. Gate receipts are also evenly split.

Approximately £50 million from the £80 million fee goes to clubs from the second to fourth tiers. Additionally, a significant portion of the "basic award" payment, a guaranteed flat fee for each club, is generated by the League Cup. Clubs further boost their earnings by featuring in live TV broadcasts, earning a £100,000 facility fee from the early rounds.

While the prize money may be modest for the EFL Cup winners, the competition's significance extends beyond financial rewards. For clubs across the football pyramid, the opportunity to face top-tier opponents and share the stage in a national competition is invaluable.

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