Lamine Yamal: Youngest players to score at the European Championship

Youngest players to score at the European Championship || Imago

Lamine Yamal: Youngest players to score at the European Championship

Stephen Oladehinde 15:52 - 10.07.2024

A remarkable history of young players to have scored at the European Championship has been a recent conversation following Lamine Yamal's goal against Spain.

Yamal has had an impressive campaign with Spain at the 2024 European competition taking place in Germany.

The winger has helped his country secure a spot in the final after defeating France 2-1 in the semi-final of the competition.

Yamal scored a tremendous curler to get Spain back in the game, with the goal being considered one of the best goals in the tournament.

The Barcelona star goal puts him among the list of youngest players to score in a European competition.

Young players to score in Euro

Lamine Yamal became the youngest player to score a goal in a European tournament after his curler against France.

The winger who is 16 years old and will be 17 years in the next few days, broke the record in a remarkable fashion.

With Yamal’s new record in the history books, Pulse Sports takes a look at youngsters who have previously scored at the Euros.

10. Patrick Kluivert (19yrs 352 days)

Patrick Kluivert who went on to become a Dutch legend also made a name in the 1996 European competitions.

Kluivert received a pass from Dennis Bergkamp before charging forward and slipping the ball through David Seaman's legs.

The midfielder scored the only consolation goal for the Netherlands in a 4-1 defeat to England at age 19, becoming one of the youngest goalscorers in a European competition.

Patrick Kluivert || These Football Times
Patrick Kluivert || These Football Times

9. Cristian Chivu (19yrs 268 days) 

Cristian Chivu joined the list of youngsters to have scored in European competitions during his playing days.

The Romanian youngster scored against England in the round of 16 at the 2000 European tournament.

The defender scored for Romania at the age of 19, denying the Three Lions a spot in the quarter-final.

Cristian Chivu || Imago
Cristian Chivu || Imago

8. Ferenc Bene (19yrs 182 days) 

Ferenc Bene made the list of youngsters who have scored in a European competition in the past.

The striker was 19 years of age when he scored for Hungary in a European competition in 1964.

Ferenc Bene || Imago
Ferenc Bene || Imago

7. Cristiano Ronaldo (19yrs 129 days)

A young Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal for Portugal as a youngster at the 2004 European competition.

At the age of 19, he scored in his eighth international match, a 2–1 loss to Greece in the group stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo || Imago
Cristiano Ronaldo || Imago

6. Arda Güler – 19 years, 114 days

Real Madrid youngster Arda Guler had a remarkable tournament with Turkey at the ongoing Euro 2024.

At the age of 19, the Turkish youngster scored a beautiful curler in a 3-1 win against Georgia and also helped his country qualify for the quarter-final.

Arda Güler || imago
Arda Güler || imago

5. Dragan Stojković (19yrs 107 days

Dragan Stojković made a name for himself at a European tournament in 1984 final group game for Serbia.

The Serbian star scored a consolation goal for his country, making him the youngest goalscorer a the age of 19.

Dragan Stojković ||  Giant Bomb
Dragan Stojković || Giant Bomb

4. Renato Sanches (18yrs 317 days)

Renato Sanches scored Portugal's equaliser against Poland in their quarterfinal match, making him the fourth-youngest player to score at the Euro.

At the age of 18, the midfielder scored his first goal for Portugal, marking his first debut on the senior international team.

Renato Sanches || Imago
Renato Sanches || Imago

3. Wayne Rooney (18yrs 237 days)

Wayne Rooney announced himself to the world at the 2004 European competition with a brace against Switzerland.

The England star became the youngest goalscorer in a European tournament at the age of 18 years.

Wayne Rooney || Imago
Wayne Rooney || Imago

2. Johan Vonlanthen (18yrs 141 days)

Rooney’s crown as the youngest goalscorer in a European tournament did not last long as he was demoted by Switzerland youngster Johan Vonlanthen.

In the 2004 European competition, Johan Vonlanthen scored Switzerland’s equaliser against France at the age of 18.

Johan Vonlanthen || Imago
Johan Vonlanthen || Imago

Lamine Yamal (16yrs 362 days)

Lamine Yamal has set a new record at the ongoing Euro 2024 tournament, making him the youngest goalscorer.

Lamine Yamal || Imago
Lamine Yamal || Imago

The Spanish winger tinted his name in the history books after his remarkable curler against France in the semi-final.