Is Lavia's claim that he rejected Liverpool for Chelsea because of history a lie?

Romeo Lavia reveal reasons for snubbing Liverpool || Credit: Chelsea/X || created by Stephen

Is Lavia's claim that he rejected Liverpool for Chelsea because of history a lie?

Faruq Ibrahim 23:44 - 18.08.2023

Is there any truth to Romeo Lavia's reason for picking Chelsea over Liverpool, or is it just a PR statement?

Chelsea have unveiled the signing of Belgium international Romeo Lavia from Southampton for a reported $40 million fee.

Lavia was of interest to a number of clubs, including Liverpool, who reached an agreement on a transfer fee with Southampton; however, the player opted for a move to the West London team.

Lavia gives reasons for picking Chelsea

As Pulse Sports reported previously, the Manchester City academy graduate listed three reasons why he decided to join Chelsea, despite strong interest from Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

“I think the project and the ambitions of the club were key factors, but also the history behind it, so these three factors were determining my decision,” was what the player said at his unveiling.

One word, in particular, jumped out for many ‘history,’ as it felt strange that the player rejected a renowned club like Liverpool for a relatively more modern one like Chelsea. So it begs the question, is there any truth to Lavia’s claim?

Lavia joined Chelsea for history

Although it is factual to say the Blues have won only two Champions League titles compared to Liverpool’s six and that they did not win their first until 2012, while Liverpool were European champions twice in the 70s and 80s.

Also, the Reds have won the English league title 19 times, while the West London team have only been crowned champions of the English top flight six times. 

However, the age of the player in question has to be taken into account. Lavia was born in 2004, making him 19 years old. He was only two years old when Liverpool defeated AC Milan to win the Champions League in 2005, and in his years of existence, the Merseysiders have only won one league title. 

Chelsea, on the other hand, have won five league titles since 2005, and their two Champions League titles, which were won in 2012 and 2021, both of which happened while Lavia would have developed a consciousness of the sport.

New entries are made into the history books with each passing day, and although Liverpool, in a sense of the word, are historically bigger than Chelsea, the Blues have been more relevant to the newer generation of footballers as they have been more successful in recent times. 

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