Evan Ndicka: What caused Roma star collapse during Udinese match


Evan Ndicka: What caused Roma star collapse during Udinese match

Festus Chuma 11:00 - 15.04.2024

Roma defender Evan Ndicka collapsed during a match, sparking concern and medical investigations into the cause of his sudden ailment.

Roma defender Evan Ndicka's sudden collapse during a Serie A match against Udinese on Sunday, April 14 sparked immediate concern and led to the game being halted. 

Fortunately, initial medical tests have ruled out a heart attack, alleviating some fears about the player's health.

The match was abandoned in the late stages of the second half when Ndicka, the Ivory Coast international, fell to the ground, clutching his chest in distress. 

Medical staff quickly attended to him on the pitch, and he was subsequently stretchered off and taken to a nearby hospital.

Upon arrival, Ndicka underwent a CT scan and other diagnostic tests to determine the cause of his chest pains. 

Sky Sport Italy reported that the tests confirmed the player did not suffer a heart attack, a piece of news that has brought relief to fans and teammates alike.

Despite the positive news, Ndicka remained in the hospital for further observation. Roma’s social media channels provided an update on his condition.

 "The squad went to visit Ndicka at the hospital. Evan is feeling better and is in good spirits. He will remain in the hospital for further observations. Forza Evan!," the statement reads.

The exact cause of Ndicka's collapse remains under investigation, and he may undergo additional tests to pinpoint the reason for his distress. 

Roma coach, De Rossi, when approached outside the hospital, reassured the public, saying, "It's all fine," indicating optimism about Ndicka's recovery but without providing specifics on the timeline for his return.

The match itself, disrupted by this incident at the 73rd minute, is scheduled to resume from the same point, as confirmed by Serie A officials. 

The delay is mandated by regulations that prevent the match from continuing within the first 24 hours after such incidents. 

Additionally, Roma's upcoming commitments in the Europa League against AC Milan have further delayed the rescheduling of the last 17 minutes of the match.

This incident has cast a spotlight not only on Ndicka's health but also on the broader issue of player safety in football. 

Ndicka joined Roma on a free transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt in 2023 and has made 19 appearances so far.

The game stood at a 1-1 draw before the pause thanks to goals from Udinese’s Roberto Pereyra and Roma’s Romelu Lukaku.

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