Enzo Maresca: New Chelsea Boss disregards Pep Guardiola, unveils his coaching inspirations

Maresca and his former boss Pep Guardiola

Enzo Maresca: New Chelsea Boss disregards Pep Guardiola, unveils his coaching inspirations

Hassan Abdulsalam 07:50 - 09.07.2024

The Italian boss appeared to ignore his previous manager, Pep Guardiola, while talking about the individuals who influenced his coaching style.

Chelsea's new manager, Enzo Maresca, has made a surprising statement regarding his coaching influences.

In a recent interview with the club, the Italian boss seemingly snubbed his former manager, Pep Guardiola, when discussing the figures who shaped his coaching philosophy.

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Enzo Maresca's recent appointment as Chelsea manager sent shockwaves through the football world.

Having just secured Leicester City's promotion to the Premier League, he took the helm at Chelsea, becoming the club's seventh permanent manager in just six years.

Coaching Influences, Enzo Maresca snubs Pep Guardiola

The 44-year-old Italian discussed his coaching philosophy. While some expected him to name Pep Guardiola, his former manager at Manchester City, Maresca revealed the significant influence of managers under whom he played.

Maresca and his former boss Pep Guardiola

"Absolutely. As you say, I played under (Carlo) Ancelotti, (Marcello) Lippi, (Manuel) Pellegrini, all of them are very important managers. We all try to take things and then we create our own box with all these things inside. It’s what I’ve tried to do since I started thinking about being a manager," he said.

Italian Connection at Chelsea

Maresca also acknowledged the "Italian heritage" at Chelsea, a factor that likely played a role in his decision to join the club.

"One of the reasons for sure [I joined], I'm proud to be an Italian manager here again. There seems to be a successful connection between Chelsea and Italian personnel, both players and managers."

Enzo Maresca at Stamford Bridge

Maresca inherits a team that underperformed significantly last season, despite significant investment in new players. He faces a major challenge in restoring Chelsea to their usual position of dominance.