Eagles announce the hiring of new manager

Eagles new boss Oliver GLASNER || iMAGE CREDIT: iMAGO

Eagles announce the hiring of new manager

Faruq Ibrahim 00:42 - 20.02.2024

Crystal Palace announce the departure of Roy Hodgson, and have reached an agreement with Oliver Glasner to become the next manager.

In an emotional farewell that marks the end of an era at Selhurst Park, Roy Hodgson has officially announced his departure as the head coach of Crystal Palace Football Club. 

The seasoned manager, revered for his extensive experience and deep connection with the club, has decided to step down, paving the way for new leadership under Oliver Glasner, who has already inked a deal to take over the reins.

 A Fond Farewell

Roy Hodgson's heartfelt statement echoes the sentiment of a man deeply intertwined with the fabric of Crystal Palace. 

Hodgson expressed, “This club is very special and means so much to me and has played a big part in my footballing life. I have fully enjoyed my time here across six seasons, as it has given me the chance to work with top class players and staff doing what I love every day."

His decision to leave, spurred by a desire to allow the club to advance its plans for a new managerial era, showcases his selflessness and commitment to the club's future success. 

Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson

Hodgson didn't miss the chance to extend his gratitude to the club's hierarchy, his coaching team, and notably, his players, whom he praised for their professionalism and dedication.

The Glasner Era Begins

As Roy Hodgson bids goodbye, Oliver Glasner steps into the spotlight, ready to embark on his journey as Crystal Palace's new head coach. 

With contracts signed and formalities completed, Glasner's appointment signals a fresh chapter for the Eagles, with the new coach set to take charge of his first training session imminently.

Oliver Glasner will replace the Palace legend.
Oliver Glasner will replace the Palace legend.

Hodgson's legacy at Palace is one of stability and respect, laying a solid foundation for Glasner to build upon. 

As the club navigates this transition, the focus remains on finishing the season strongly and setting the stage for future triumphs under new leadership.

In his parting words, Hodgson's confidence in the team's prospects shines through: “I am confident that the season will finish well and I wish the team every success in the weeks, months and seasons to come.” 

As Crystal Palace turns the page, the spirit of unity and optimism remains, with fans and players alike eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with Oliver Glasner at the helm.

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