Everything You Need to Know About Eagles' New Boss Paul Glasner

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Everything You Need to Know About Eagles' New Boss Paul Glasner

Ayoola Kelechi 20:34 - 19.02.2024

The Austrian manager takes the reigns with the Eagles after success in Germany with Frankfurt where he won the UEFA Europa League in the 2021/22 season

As Oliver Glasner steps into the managerial spotlight at Selhurst Park, taking over the reins from Roy Hodgson, Crystal Palace fans are eager to learn about the man tasked with guiding their beloved Eagles. 

Glasner, a name synonymous with tactical acumen and emotional connection with his players and fans, brings a rich pedigree of success and a distinct footballing philosophy to South London.

From Europa League Glory to Premier League Ambitions

Glasner's tenure at Eintracht Frankfurt is perhaps the most luminous chapter of his coaching career, highlighted by a triumphant Europa League campaign less than a year before his departure. However, his journey with Frankfurt was not without its challenges. A significant slump in Bundesliga form saw the club's Champions League aspirations dissipate, setting the stage for a difficult period that Glasner navigated with resilience and tactical adaptability.

Despite achieving historic success, Glasner's time in Frankfurt was marked by a growing disparity between expectations and reality. The departure of key players and disagreements over squad quality and ambition led to tensions that ultimately resulted in his exit. Local media and fans debated the decision, with many acknowledging Glasner's desire for higher standards and his significant contributions to the club's recent golden era.

A Change in Persona for Glasner

Glasner's evolution from a softly-spoken tactician to a more fiery and emotionally charged manager reflects his adaptability and deep engagement with the teams he leads. His experiences in the Bundesliga, first with Wolfsburg and then Frankfurt, have shaped his managerial identity, blending strategic insight with a keen sense of personality development.

The Austrian's approach to football is characterized by a direct route to goal, with a focus on high pressing, vertical passes, and taking risks. This strategy not only brought success on the European stage but also endeared him to fans and players alike. His ability to foster team spirit and combat adversity was vividly illustrated after Frankfurt's German Cup semi-final victory last season, where he celebrated with fans in a manner that spoke volumes about his passion and connection with the club.

Embracing the Premier League Challenge

As Glasner embarks on his Premier League journey with Crystal Palace, expectations are high, and fans are curious about the impact he will make. Known for his strategic nous and ability to galvanize a squad, Glasner faces the task of navigating the highly competitive English top flight. His track record suggests a readiness to embrace the challenges ahead, with ambitions of replicating his European success in the domestic arena.

Oliver Glasner arrives at Crystal Palace with a proven pedigree, a deep emotional connection to his teams, and a tactical approach that promises excitement and ambition. As the Eagles look to soar under their new Austrian tactician, the Selhurst Park faithful can anticipate a period of intense engagement, strategic football, and, perhaps, a journey that could lead them to new heights. With Glasner at the helm, the future looks bright for Crystal Palace.