Drake's bodyguards allegedly confront former Premier League star over Selfie request in Toronto gym encounter

Drake's Bodyguards allegedly ex-Sunderland star over Selfie request during gym encounter

Drake's bodyguards allegedly confront former Premier League star over Selfie request in Toronto gym encounter

David Ben 09:25 - 03.01.2024

Jermain Defoe has revealed a hilarious gym incident involving Drake and his former teammate.

In a surprising revelation, former Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe recalled a rare experience involving Canadian music megastar Drake on the Football Firsts podcast with Troy Deeney.

Defoe opened up on an incident where his then-teammate Connor Wickham allegedly faced the wrath of Drizzy's bodyguards after attempting to take a selfie with the Grammy-Award-winning star.

What Happened?

Canadian music megastar Drake | Credit: Instagram

 According to Defoe, the incident occurred during a pre-season trip to Toronto, where Conor Wickham had a chance encounter with Drake in a gym.

Defoe reminisced about the incident, stating, "When I left Toronto and went to Sunderland the next pre-season, they came back to play us. So when we went back with Sunderland to Toronto, we had loads of free time. I remember being in my room, and Connor Wickham phoned me, saying, ‘JD, speak to your boy for me.’ He got beat up in the gym. 

Connor Wickham
Former Sunderland winger Connor Wickham | Credit: IMAGO

He said, ‘Bro, Drake is in the gym, so I go and take a picture.’ His bouncers obviously grabbed him up."

Drake’s attempt to calm tensions after gym fiasco

Canadian rapper popularly known as Drake | Credit: Getty

Defoe went on to describe his attempt to mediate the situation between Wickham and Drake. 

After confronting the music icon, Defoe found Drake casually eating weights and inquired about the incident. 

Drake, seemingly unfazed, explained that Wickham approached him for a photo, leading his security team to intervene.

However, instead of harbouring any ill will, Drake extended an olive branch to the footballer. 

Defoe Drake Wickham
Defoe revealed Drake's bodyguards confronted Connor Wickham over a selfie | Credit: Getty

Defoe recalled, "He said, ‘Ah, I’m sorry, man. Tell him we’ll take you out. Where do you want to go, bluh bluh bluh.’ He said, ‘Are you here with the team?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ It was the funniest thing."

Jermain Defoe and Conor Wickham shared the pitch as teammates on 17 occasions during their time at Sunderland in 2015. 

The former England under-21 international scored 19 times in 120 Premier League appearances for both Sunderland and Crystal Palace.