Chelsea Legend Petr Cech Picks Manchester United Icon as One of the Three Greatest Goalkeepers in Football History

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Chelsea Legend Petr Cech Picks Manchester United Icon as One of the Three Greatest Goalkeepers in Football History

Ayoola Kelechi 22:06 - 19.02.2024

Premier League legend and former Chelsea and Arsenal icon Petr Cech has stirred the pot with his choice of the three greatest goalkeepers in football history

Petr Cech, the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper, recently named his picks for the three greatest goalkeepers in the history of football in an interview with Sky Sports. 

The Czech international, who himself is celebrated as one of the Premier League's finest ever shot-stoppers, chose an illustrious trio that spans generations and leagues, reflecting the global impact of these goalkeeping legends.

 The Goalkeeping Greats According to Cech

During the discussion with Jamie Carragher, Cech did not hesitate to include Italian icon Gianluigi Buffon, German star Manuel Neuer, and Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel in his top three. This selection not only highlights the individual excellence of each goalkeeper but also underscores the evolution of the role over the years.

Gianluigi Buffon

A World Cup winner with Italy in 2006, recently retired after a dazzling career that lasted nearly three decades. Buffon's longevity, consistency, and leadership on and off the pitch have set benchmarks for goalkeepers worldwide. 

With over 1100 professional appearances and holding the record for the most games in Serie A, Buffon's legacy is unparalleled.

Manuel Neuer 

Neuer has followed in Buffon's colossal footsteps, contributing significantly to Germany's 2014 World Cup victory. 

Known for redefining the goalkeeper's role with his exceptional skills as a sweeper-keeper, Neuer has remained Bayern Munich's unwavering number one and captain, amassing eleven Bundesliga titles since joining the club in 2011.

Peter Schmeichel

Cech's final pick, Schmeichel, is revered for his critical role in Manchester United's dominance of the Premier League in the 1990s. 

Schmeichel's remarkable saves, commanding presence, and charismatic leadership have made him a seminal figure in English football and a Manchester United icon.

Cech's Insightful Ranking

When pressed by Carragher for a definitive order, Cech suggested that the World Cup victories might edge Buffon and Neuer slightly ahead, stating, "There are two World Cup winners, so maybe they just get that order." This acknowledgment highlights the importance of international success in Cech's consideration, alongside the players' club achievements and individual accolades.

Cech's selection of Buffon, Neuer, and Schmeichel as the three greatest goalkeepers of all time offers a fascinating glimpse into the criteria valued by one of the game's most respected figures. From Buffon's incredible career longevity and Neuer's game-changing style to Schmeichel's instrumental role in Manchester United's success, Cech's picks encapsulate the diverse qualities that define goalkeeping excellence. As football continues to evolve, the legacy of these three goalkeeping legends, as celebrated by Cech, will undoubtedly inspire future generations.