Benson Omala's agent faults Gor Mahia after aborted move to JS Sauora

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FOOTBALL Benson Omala's agent faults Gor Mahia after aborted move to JS Sauora

Festus Chuma 19:34 - 06.02.2024

Agent alleges Gor Mahia FC sabotaged Benson Omala's transfer to JS Saoura, citing greed and delayed paperwork in failed deal.

Benson Omala's transfer saga at Gor Mahia has taken a fresh twist after his agent Stephen Otieno Ochiel made startling allegations against the club accusing them of sabotaging the player's move to JS Saoura.

The saga has thrown the spotlight on the intricate dynamics of player transfers and the role of football clubs in facilitating or hindering such moves.

According to Ochiel, Gor Mahia's actions were driven by jealousy and greed, leading to a frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful transfer process.

"This deal would have been closed by Friday because I sent it to the club on Wednesday night, and we met on Thursday, where Omala was present," Ochiel explained as per Nation.

He claimed that Gor Mahia officials initially demanded a hefty sum of Ksh6.4 million (approximately $40,000) before lowering it to Kshh4.8 million (around $30,000).

Ochiel further criticized Gor Mahia's approach, suggesting that their delay tactics and high demands were counterproductive.

"They should have rejected it outright rather than making outrageous demands and then accepting too late when JS Saoura had got fed up and looked for another player as the transfer window deadline in Algeria was nearing," he said.

In a dramatic recount of events, Ochiel described how the deal was finally signed at a petroleum station on a Sunday night, highlighting the unconventional and urgent nature of the negotiations.

Despite these efforts, the deal faced another setback due to a missing rubber stamp, leading to further delays.

Gor Mahia had previously confirmed Omala's departure to the Algerian club, outlining an attractive package for the striker, including a fully furnished house, an executive car, and a significant salary increase.

Omala's potential move to JS Saoura was seen as a significant step in his career, following a brief loan spell at Swedish club FC Linkoping City in 2021.

The move to the Algerian top-flight club, currently ninth in their league, would have offered the young striker a new challenge and exposure to a different football culture. 

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