Ballon d'Or: Why Osimhen should have done better than 8th

Victor Osimhen's not a Nigerian great yet despite Ballon d'Or ranking


Victor Osimhen finished 8th on the Ballon d'Or rankings

Ballon d'Or: Why Osimhen should have done better than 8th

Tunde Young 13:28 - 31.10.2023

Victor Osimhen made history by finishing eighth on the Ballon d’Or ranking but a closer look suggests he could have done better and here is why.

Super Eagles and Napoli striker Victor Osimhen was voted the eighth-best player in the world according to the latest Ballon d’Or rankings.

Lionel Messi emerged as the expected winner in the event in Paris last night, October 30, 2023, but the rest of top 30 were also ranked and Osimhen was featured at number eight.

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Ballon d'Or: 5 biggest winners and losers from the 2023 award ceremony

Argentina captain Lionel Messi was announced by France Football as the 2023 winner, beating Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, making it Ballon d'Or number eight for the Inter Miami star. For the first time in many years, Cristiano Ronaldo was missing from the Ballon d’Or nominee list as he watched his biggest rival bag another. Here are some of the biggest winners and losers from the prestigious awards night.

This sparked celebrations as no Nigerian player before him had ever placed in the top 10, making this a historic milestone for the player, the country and the continent at large.

However, a closer look at the rankings of one to seven makes one wonder whether or not Osimhen should have finished higher and here are some reasons why.

Why Osimhen should have finished higher than 8th in Ballon d’Or

Osimhen should be 6, not 8

Victor Osimhen ranks at number eight but the two players immediately ahead of him, Julian Alvarez and Vinicius Jr are questionable choices.

There is a case to be made for both being better players than Osimhen, especially Vinicius but neither of them had a better 2022/23 season than the Nigerian and that is the period in consideration for this award.

The layman's argument would be to say Alvarez was part of a treble-winning Manchester City team and also won the World Cup with Argentina hence the justification.

Julian Alvarez kisses the FIFA World Cup, WM, Weltmeisterschaft, Fussball trophy.

However, Alvarez was not the first-choice striker in the 2022/23 season for both Manchester City and Argentina. He played 49 games in all competitions for Manchester City but only started 23 of those matches.

His first start at the World Cup did not come until the last game of the group stages which begs the question, how is a substitute considered better than the best striker in Serie A last season in a title-winning year?

Osimhen’s glorious league campaign

Not only did Osimhen win Serie A striker of the season for his Capocannoniere exploits, he also finished fifth on the European Golden Shoe standings for last season.

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That is, Erling Haaland (36), Harry Kane (30), Kylian Mbappe (29) and Alexandre Lacazette (27) were the only players to score more league goals than Osimhen in European football last season.

Victor Osimhen won Serie A with Napoli
Victor Osimhen led Napoli to the Serie A title || Credit: X Victor Osimhen won Serie A with Napoli

Considering the fact that all four of those players played more league games than Osimhen last season, his exploits become more impressive.

For additional context, his 26 league goals not only made him the first-ever African Capocannoniere, they also brought an end to Napoli’s 33-year-long wait for the Serie A title.

At the risk of speculation, it is hard to believe all of the seven players ranked ahead of him by France Football had this level of impact and performance the entire season.

With all of that said, this is still a great achievement for Osimhen as the highest-ranking African player ahead of Mohamed Salah in 11th and Moroccan goalkeeper, Yacine Bonnou in 13th.

He is also the highest-ranking player from Serie A, way ahead of teammate Kvicha Kvaratskhelia who is all the way down in 17th, perhaps putting an end to the Napoli civil way on who their bigger star is.

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