AFCON 2023: Super Eagles named the 'Most Influential Team of the tournament' ahead of Angola showdown

Super Eagles named the Most Influential Team of AFCON 2023

AFCON 2023: Super Eagles named the 'Most Influential Team of the tournament' ahead of Angola showdown

David Ben 07:55 - 30.01.2024

Super Eagles' influence extends beyond the boundaries of the stadium, with Victor Osimhen leading the charge on social media.

Since the kickoff of the AFCON 2023 tournament in Ivory Coast, the Super Eagles of Nigeria might have surprised many with their resilience but have also conquered the digital space.

With a commanding presence on various social media platforms, Nigeria’s Super Eagles have emerged as the team with the most significant impact online, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide.

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A recent study conducted by Pulse Sports shed light on the extent of the Super Eagles' digital influence. 

AFCON 2023 Super Eagles
Super Eagles of Nigeria have been named the most influential team at AFCON 2023 | Credit: X(MakingofChampions) Super Eagles of Nigeria have been named the most influential team at AFCON 2023 | Credit: X(MakingofChampions)

The findings revealed that the Super Eagles of Nigeria have generated well over 300,000 engagements on the Confederation of African Football's (CAF) official page on X formerly known as Twitter.

 Additionally, posts about the Nigerian team have so far amassed  more than 9.7 million impressions, showcasing the widespread impact of the Super Eagles in the digital realm. 

As fans worldwide continue to engage with the team's content, share highlights, and express their support, the Super Eagles of Nigeria has undeniably become the heartbeat of AFCON 2023 on social media.

Victor Osimhen: The Most Influential Footballer at AFCON 2023

Victor Osimhen AFCON 2023
Napoli and Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen is the most infuential footballer at AFCON 2023 | Credit: Instagram

Among the standout players who have dominated the social media landscape during AFCON 2023 is 25-year-old Napoli striker Victor Osimhen.

 Known for his lethal finishing and impressive goal-scoring record, Osimhen has not only made waves on the pitch but has also sealed his status as the footballer who has generated the most trends on a popular social media platform, X. 

Despite netting just once since the start of the tournament, Osimhen has become a social media sensation, creating a buzz that extends beyond the football community.

Osimhen AFCON 2023
Victor Osimhen has started all Super Eagles' matches at AFCON 2023 | Credit: IMAGO

The masked striker has also seen his followership on Instagram increase by at least 100,000 since the start of the tournament - from 3.3 million before the start of the tournament to 3.4 million currently.

Osimhen, one of the most followed Nigerian athletes in the world is currently linked with a move away from Italy in the summer and has found himself in numerous conversations surrounding his overall gameplay as well as his potential transfer.

Pulse Sports previously reported that the former Lille striker already knows his next destination and will reveal his intentions at the end of the 2023-24 season.

AFCON 2023: Super Eagles set for Angola showdown amid quest for 4th title

AFCON 2023 Super Eagles
Super Eagles of Nigeria will face Angola in the quarterfinals of the AFCON 2023 | Credit: IMAGO

As the Super Eagles continue their journey in the tournament, their on-field performances have been noteworthy.

 In a crucial quarterfinal clash against Cameroon, Nigeria secured a convincing 2-0 victory, setting up a highly anticipated showdown in the semi-finals against Angola on February 2. 

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Ademola Lookman emerged as the hero of the match, grabbing a brace for the Super Eagles and further solidifying their place as serious contenders for the AFCON 2023 title.

Guided by coach Jose Peseiro, the Super Eagles are on a mission to dethrone the defending champions, Senegal, and add a fourth African title to their illustrious history.