AFCON 2023: Nigeria vs Angola’s recent head-to-head

AFCON 2023: Nigeria vs Angola head-to-head record

AFCON 2023: Nigeria vs Angola’s recent head-to-head

Ayoola Kelechi 22:57 - 30.01.2024

The Super Eagles of Nigeria take on Angola in the 2023 AFCON quarterfinal, but how well have they done against the Palancas Negras

As Nigeria eagerly anticipates the vital AFCON quarter-final match against Angola this Friday, the focus is on the Super Eagles.

Ahead of the crunch tie, let's review the recent history of matches between Nigeria and Angola for insights that might help predict the outcome of the match.

Nigeria vs Angola (11 January 2012)

This encounter resulted in a goalless draw, indicating a closely contested battle where neither side could break the deadlock.

In a match where the Super Eagles played with an entirely home based side, they were unable to create decisive chances to overcome their Angolan opponents.

Nigeria vs Angola (18 June 2005)

Another draw, this time with both teams managing to find the back of the net. The 1-1 scoreline suggests a game where both teams had moments of offensive brilliance but were also equally matched in their defensive strategies.

It highlighted the competitive nature of the rivalry, with both teams showcasing their strengths.

Angola vs Nigeria (20 June 2004)

In this match, Angola secured a narrow 1-0 victory. This result might indicate a tightly contested game where Angola managed to capitalize on a key opportunity or defensive lapse from Nigeria.

Such a slim margin of victory shows a game where defenses were strong and chances were at a premium.

Nigeria vs Angola (21 June 2003)

Ending in a 2-2 draw, this match was likely a thrilling encounter with both teams demonstrating strong attacking capabilities.

The fluctuating scoreline could point to an open game with plenty of opportunities and perhaps some defensive vulnerabilities.

In their last five matches, Angola have had the upper hand although most of the games have ended in draws. The Palancas Negras are unbeaten in their last five matches against Nigeria with four draws and a victory in that time.

The upcoming quarter-final is set to be an exciting match. While Nigeria has a historical edge of being three times AFCON winners, Angola's recent performance and resilience should not be underestimated. The Super Eagles need to bring their best game to advance to the semi-finals and keep their AFCON title hopes alive.

Both teams are undoubtedly eager to secure their spot in the semi-finals. The big question is whether the Super Eagles will emerge victorious or if the Palancas Negras will stage an upset.

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