Noah Lyles: World's fastest man acknowledges Usain Bolt as the epitome of consistency

Noah Lyles and legendary Usain Bolt

Noah Lyles: World's fastest man acknowledges Usain Bolt as the epitome of consistency

Funmilayo Fameso 03:23 - 10.10.2023

World champion Noah Lyles talked on consistency and legacies, sighting Usain Bolt as an example and inspiration.

Double sprint world champion Noah Lyles has got nothing but positive compliments for legendary Usain Bolt as the father of sprint consistency in the modern era.

Lyles, who won triple gold medals (100m, 200m, and 4x100m) at the World Championships in Budapest, thereby becoming the fifth man in history to complete the 100m and 200m sprint double at a World Championships, is currently the most talked about male personality in the sport.

Noah Lyles won three gold medals at the World Championships in Budapest

This is because he has placed athletics in the spotlight and made it the center of attention, especially the sporting public in his home country - USA.

He is also becoming increasingly peerless at knowing how to be famous away from the track and transcending the sport. Now, he can be found at fashion shows collaborating with designers, artists, and musicians, as well as starring in his docuseries designed to peek behind the scenes of the sprinting world.

However, even with his newfound finesse this season, Lyles still acknowledges the supremacy of Bolt as the one who paved the way both on and off track.

In an interview with, the 26-year-old talked about how he has been a good influencer for athletics and gunning to leave a greater legacy at the end of his career.

Noah Lyles talks on consistency and legacy, acknowledges Usain Bolt
Noah Lyles is the most dominant 200m sprinter in the world. Image Credit - Imago

“Consistency wins medals. Consistency creates legacies,” he stated. “You can look at Bolt’s career and, yes, it’s very nice to say that he has the world record, but it’s even cooler for him to say that he has eight Olympic gold medals. That’s the epitome of consistency. Nobody else in the history of the sport has been able to do that.

“So every time that I go into a race and I’m able to say I’m going to be running 19 is another moment of consistency and more proof that I’m healthy, that I’m fast, that I’m constantly moving in the right direction,” said Lyles.

The American record holder in the 200m already has one of Bolt's legacies down, as no one has recorded more legal 200m times in under 20 seconds than Lyles. He has 38 of those performances to his name, previously held by Bolt with 34.