Oba Femi: Former Nigerian athlete shakes the wrestling world by winning WWE tournament

Oba Femi: Former Nigerian athlete shakes the wrestling world by winning WWE tournament

Funmilayo Fameso 15:00 - 05.01.2024

A Nigerian by the name Oba Femi has won a WWE tournament, depicting the true Naija spirit.

Former Nigerian shot put athlete Isaac Odugbesan, now known as Oba Femi, is the champion of a WWE tournament and is set to sign a professional contract with the wrestling entertainment franchise.

Oba Femi defeated Riley Osborne to win the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament, earning him an automatic contract to sign with the NXT.

He becomes the first Nigerian-born athlete to win the tournament and secure his spot in NXT, where he will gun to rise through the ranks into the league of WWE Raw or Smackdown superstars.

Oba Femi defeated Riley Osborne to become the WWE NXT Breakout Champion

"This is NOT a boyhood dream come true, this is a man fulfilling everything he was always supposed to be. I’ve never been the underdog," wrote Oba Femi on his Instagram page after his victory.

"Everyone has always expected me to do and be something special, and I’ve ALWAYS delivered. You will never know true pressure until you’re the one that everyone Perceives as THE ONE. I’ve lived with the pressure all my days," he concluded.

Oba Femi's journey through the Breakout Tournament

The 22-year-old made the headlines after overcoming a more popular and experienced Myles Borne to advance to the semi-finals.

His impressive debut victory against Borne wasn't just the highlight of the fight, but his intimidating statement in his post-fight interview that got WWE fans talking.

“You see, NXT is lacking in one department severely. And that is the department of brute force. Nobody is brutal anymore," he said.

Oba Femi calls himself the 'Brute Force'

"Everybody is soft. Everybody is determined. Everybody’s trying to get to the end by the soft means. But that is exactly what Oba Femi has to offer. That is exactly what I am bringing to the Men’s Breakout Tournament. Brute force,” concluded Oba Femi when interviewed by Sarah Schreiber on what he was bringing to the NXT.

Oba Femi in the NXT and as the future of WWE

The colossal wrestler is already being compared to WWE Hall of Famers Bobby Lashley and Dave Bautista, possessing a combination of their strength and wrestling style.

Oba Femi after winning the NXA Breakout Tournament

If he works his way to the WWE, he will join Giant Omos and Apollos Crews as the Nigerian breeds to become superstars in the wrestling franchise.

Oba Femi is seen to dominate the wrestling world years from now, as his strength, boldness, and technical ability set him apart as a force to be reckoned with in the NXT.

Oba Femi (left) is the cousin of BBNaija star Bisola Aiyeola

If he was a success as a college athlete, then he has all it takes to dominate the WWE years from now.