From AC Milan to Golf: Drake and LeBron James team up for Major Investment in PGA Tour

Drake and LeBron James are part of major investment in the PGA Tour | Credits: UGC

From AC Milan to Golf: Drake and LeBron James team up for Major Investment in PGA Tour

David Ben 16:15 - 07.03.2024

Having invested in football clubs, Drake and LeBron James have reportedly stormed the golf scene.

Canadian rapper Drake and NBA superstar LeBron James are making waves in the golfing world with a significant investment in the PGA Tour.

The famous duo, recently revealed as part of a $3 billion investment in the PGA Tour, joins a star-studded lineup of investors, as reported by Front Office Sports.

Drake and LeBron James headline Star Studded Investment in PGA Tour

LeBron James
Lakers superstar LeBron James and Canadian rapper Drake have invested in PGA Tour | Credit: IMAGO Who is LeBron James?

Having previously teamed up in the world of sports investments with Italian Serie A club AC Milan, Drake and James are among a group of celebrities who have injected substantial funds into the PGA Tour.

Drake PGA Tour
Canadian rapper popularly known as Drake | Credit: Getty

Other notable investors include actor Chris Pratt, renowned for his roles in Marvel and Jurassic Park franchises, as well as James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, and his agent, Rich Paul.

Notably, James' investment is distinct from the involvement of Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Liverpool Football Club, in which he holds a minor stake.

Expanding Horizons: Drake and LeBron James enter the golf arena

LeBron James Drake PGA Tour
LeBron James is a minority shareholder in Liverpool and has also teamed up with Drake have also invest in AC Milan | Credit: Instagram

Termed "strategic investors," Drake and James are seeking to leverage their considerable marketing influence to broaden the PGA Tour's appeal and reach. Their delving into the golfing world may come as a surprise to some, given Drake's reputation for basketball fandom.

The multi-award-winning music megastar is often seen cheering on his hometown team, the Raptors.

Drake LeBron James PGA Tour
Canadian music megastar Drake | Credit: Instagram

On the other hand, LeBron James's lack of association with golf compared to NBA peer Stephen Curry, has raised a few eyebrows.

However, this move is expected to even to expand their investments in sporting horizons.

Reflecting on his affinity for golf and the investment opportunity, Drake said,

"Golf can be so much more than a sport. I remember some of my best childhood memories being on the golf course with my uncle. It’s one thing to invest in a team, but to help reimagine one of the biggest leagues in the world is an incredible opportunity, and I’m excited to be a part of it," as stated in a statement to The New York Times' DealBook.