3 reasons why Pochettino should be given time at Chelsea

Reasons why Pochettino needs time || Credit: Imago and Chelsea FC

3 reasons why Pochettino should be given time at Chelsea

Stephen Oladehinde 13:30 - 07.12.2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of football, where the pressure to deliver immediate results often overshadows long-term vision, the case of Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea stands out.

Pochettino, a tactician renowned for his transformative impact on teams, finds himself at a crossroads with Chelsea. 

Understanding why he deserves more time at the helm requires a nuanced exploration of his past achievements, the current struggles of the club, and the potential harboured in his footballing philosophy.

Pochettino's past glories

At Tottenham Hotspur, Pochettino's tenure was a masterclass in team development. He transformed Spurs from perennial underachievers to consistent Champions League participants, even reaching the finals of the competition in 2019. 

His ability to develop young talent and instil a high-pressing, dynamic style of play won plaudits and set a blueprint for success. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the financial constraints and the stadium rebuild project he navigated during his time there.

Chelsea maanager Pochettino || Photo credit: IMAGO
Chelsea maanager Pochettino || Photo credit: IMAGO

Chelsea's current struggles

Chelsea, a club with a history of managerial impatience, is in a transition period. The team has struggled with consistency, and the frequent management changes have led to a lack of coherent long-term strategy. 

This instability is a significant factor in the team's current struggles, and it stresses the need for a period of stability, something Pochettino can provide if given time.

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva apologises for defensive error against Newcastle
Chelsea defender Thiago Silva apologises for defensive error against Newcastle (IMAGO) Chelsea defender Thiago Silva apologises for defensive error against Newcastle

The case for patience with Pochettino

1. Tactical Integration

Implementing Pochettino's tactical vision – a high-energy, pressing game combined with smart possession play – is not an overnight process. 

It requires time for players to adapt and for the manager to fine-tune his approach based on the squad's strengths and weaknesses.

2. Squad Overhaul and Development

Pochettino's track record of developing young players into world-class talents is well-documented. At Chelsea, he has a mix of experienced and young players, and he needs time to mould this group into a cohesive unit.

3. Building a Long-Term Vision

Chelsea's history of frequent managerial changes has often led to short-termism. Giving Pochettino time would signify a shift towards a more sustainable, long-term approach, aligning the club's strategy with a consistent footballing philosophy.

Past achievements as a benchmark

Pochettino's achievements at Tottenham, show his capability to build competitive teams under limitations. 

These past successes, particularly his development of a distinctive playing style and his ability to maximize players' potential, should be seen as a benchmark, suggesting what could be possible at Chelsea with patience and support.

Recommendations and conclusion:

Going forward, Chelsea should focus on aligning their recruitment strategy with Pochettino's footballing philosophy, ensuring that new signings complement his tactical approach. 

Additionally, fostering a club culture that values developmental progress alongside immediate results could be key.

In conclusion, Pochettino's tactical acumen, coupled with his proven track record in team building and player development, makes a compelling case for why he should be given time at Chelsea. 

The club's long-term success may well depend on their ability to resist the urge for immediate gratification and instead invest in the gradual, yet potentially more rewarding, process of building under a manager like Pochettino.