Kaitlyn Frohnhapfel: Spotlight on wife of WWE's Drew McIntyre

Kaitlyn Frohnhapfel: Spotlight on wife of WWE's Drew McIntyre

Pulse Sports Team 19:15 - 24.11.2023

Since 2015, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, an American physician, has been in a relationship with WWE superstar Andrew Galloway, more widely known as Drew McIntyre. The couple tied the knot in the subsequent year, attracting significant public interest when news of their engagement circulated across various social media platforms.

Who is Kaitlyn Frohnapfel? Wife, doctor, trainer

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, born on 31 December, 1991 in Largo, Florida, to Richard and Wendy Frohnapfel, is best known as the wife of WWE superstar Drew McIntyre. That, however, is not all she is.

A dedicated medical professional, Kaitlyn pursued her education in medicine at the University of Florida. During her high school – she attended Largo High School – and college years, she passionately engaged in athletics, particularly excelling in track and field events. However, despite her love for sports, Kaitlyn made the decision to forego athletic pursuits in order to dedicate herself to a career in medicine.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel with husband and WWE superstar Drew McIntyre
Kaitlyn Frohnapfel with husband Drew McIntyre

Currently, Kaitlyn not only practices as a physician but also serves as a fitness trainer. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle is evident through her daily exercise routine and conscientious attention to nutrition.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s age

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is (as of November 2023) 31 years old.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s height

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel stands at 5ft 7in (1.73m) tall.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel: Drew McIntyre’s wife

Drew McIntyre's biography unveils a profound belief he holds - that his late mother played a role in bringing his wife into his life. This revelation emerged during a period of personal struggle for Drew, who was grappling with the loss of his mother and a sense of demotivation after being incorporated into the 3MB stable alongside Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater.

The former WWE Champion recounts an intriguing encounter at a Tampa bar in 2013, where he found himself in the company of fellow WWE superstar Sheamus. It was during this evening that Kaitlyn, still a student at the time, recognized them from a gym where she worked. 

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel with husband and former WWE champion Drew McIntyre
Kaitlyn Frohnapfel with husband and former WWE champion Drew McIntyre

Despite her recognition, Drew, initially shy, refrained from engaging in conversation. It wasn't until Kaitlyn was preparing to leave that Drew mustered the courage to ask for her number.

Prior to this chapter in his life, Drew had been married to fellow wrestler Tiffany (Taryn Dryden) until two years prior. However, fate took a turn when Drew and Kaitlyn commenced their relationship in 2015, solidifying their union in marriage in 2016 in Florida. Kaitlyn became an integral part of Drew's wrestling journey, actively supporting him in navigating the challenges that followed his release from WWE in 2014.

Their move-in together coincided with Drew's abrupt but – in his view, justified – dismissal from the company and subsequent struggle with alcoholism. With Kaitlyn's unwavering encouragement, the couple made the decision to return to the UK, where they embarked on a journey of rebuilding by working the independent circuit. 

This transformative period led to Drew's rehiring in 2017 and his remarkable ascent to the pinnacle of WWE, ultimately achieving the status of the company's world champion.

Drew McIntyre: Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s husband and WWE champion

Drew McIntyre, born Andrew McLean Galloway IV on June 6, 1985, has left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling, particularly during his tenure with WWE

Bursting onto the scene in 2009, McIntyre quickly gained attention as the "Chosen One," receiving a substantial push that showcased his raw talent and charisma. Despite early success, a release in 2014 led him to embark on a journey of self-discovery on the independent wrestling circuit.

His triumphant return to WWE in 2017 marked a turning point in his career. McIntyre not only captured the NXT Championship but also seamlessly transitioned to the main roster, becoming a dominant force. 

In 2020, he achieved a career pinnacle by defeating the formidable Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 to claim the WWE Championship. McIntyre's in-ring prowess, compelling storytelling, and magnetic personality have endeared him to fans worldwide.

Beyond his championship victories, McIntyre's resilience and commitment to his craft have set him apart. His journey from being released to becoming the face of WWE is a testament to his unwavering determination. Drew McIntyre stands as a symbol of success, embodying the essence of a modern-day wrestling icon and earning his place among the elite in the world of sports entertainment.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s net worth

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel boasts an approximate net worth of $100,000. Sources on physicians' salaries suggest that she commands an annual income ranging from $150,000 to $312,000. In comparison, Drew, through his wrestling career, has amassed a net worth in the region of $1.5 million. His earnings per fight stand at approximately $55,000, solidifying his status as one of the highest-paid WWE superstars, particularly evident in the lucrative terms of his renewed contract.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s sister

Kaitlyn's lone sibling was Ashley Frohnapfel, who passed away on May 18, 2023, in Largo, Florida, at the age of 36. The cause of her death remains undisclosed. 

Born in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1987, Ashley completed her education at John Marshall High School in 2005. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from West Liberty State College. Dedicated to advocating for the inclusion and independence of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Ashley left a lasting impact through her passionate efforts in this field.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel as a child with older sister Ashley
Kaitlyn Frohnapfel as a child with older sister Ashley

In a statement released following her passing, mother Wendy said of Ashley, “She was so deeply loved as a daughter, sister, niece, cousin & friend to so many. 

"She was an incredibly smart, beautiful, and caring person who fought for the inclusion of others and was proud to be an advocate for those less fortunate. Her passing has left a void in our lives that cannot be filled.”

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s Instagram

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel has no account on Instagram, and keeps a low social media profile in general. However, there are sightings of her from time to time on husband Drew McIntyre’s Instagram feed.