Mason Greenwood wants England return, believes it could save his parents' marriage

Mason Greenwood wants England return || Imago and AFP

Mason Greenwood wants England return, believes it could save his parents' marriage

Stephen Oladehinde 16:48 - 02.03.2024

Manchester United's prodigal son, Mason Greenwood, is in the eye of the storm, not just for his on-field prowess but for the off-field drama that's playing out in a very public arena.

The young striker, currently on loan at La Liga's Getafe, is contemplating a sensational return to Old Trafford, not just for footballing reasons but for a cause closer to home due to his family's wellbeing.

Family First: Greenwood's Heartfelt Dilemma

The narrative takes a personal turn as Greenwood's family dynamics come under the spotlight. With his father, Andrew, doubling as his agent and his rock in Spain, and his mother, Melanie, holding the fort back in Cheshire, the family is at a crossroads.

Greenwood's career moves are now intertwined with his family's harmony, as the geographical divide puts his parents' marriage under duress.

"He thinks a lot of their problems could be solved if he went back to United. He’s very close to his parents, so it’s one of the reasons why a move back home could happen," reveals an insider from The Sun.

Mason Geenwood || Imago
Mason Geenwood || Imago

The Prodigal Son: Will Greenwood Return to Old Trafford?

The plot thickens as Sir Jim Ratcliffe, United's new minority owner, hints at a possible U-turn in Greenwood's saga, suggesting a potential homecoming for the 22-year-old. 

While Barcelona's interest looms large, Greenwood's familial ties might just tip the scales toward a dramatic reunion with United.

Greenwood's dad Andrew and mum Melanie || AFP
Greenwood's dad Andrew and mum Melanie || AFP

"Mason has been very happy in Spain and knows a lot of top clubs including Barcelona are interested in him. 

“He was annoyed with United about how they handled the situation following his charges, so has always been reluctant to return," the source adds, underscoring the complexity of Greenwood's decision.

Meanwhile, Greenwood is having a good campaign, with seven goals in 25 league appearances for Getafe.