Married to the Money: Fans TROLL Riyad Mahrez’s wife Taylor Ward's appearance in "Married to the Game"

Taylor Ward: Fans react Riyad Mahrez’s wife after appearance in new Prime Video docu-series ‘Married To The Game’| Credits: Instagram

Married to the Money: Fans TROLL Riyad Mahrez’s wife Taylor Ward's appearance in "Married to the Game"

David Ben 15:21 - 23.02.2024

Having expressed her concern over Mahrez’s move to Saudi Arabia in the new ‘Married to the game’ series, fans have reacted to Taylor Ward’s relationship with the Algerian winger.

The latest Amazon Prime Video series, "Married to the Game," has sparked significant reactions among fans, particularly concerning Taylor Ward, the wife of former Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez.

The brand new documentary series provides an intimate look into the lives of Premier League WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends), shedding light on their challenges and successes as they navigate life alongside their high-profile partners.

Married To The Game: Mixed Reactions trail Riyad Mahrez and Taylor Ward’s appearance in new documentary series

Taylor Ward Married To The Game
Riyad Mahrez is currently married to Taylor Ward | Credit: Instagram

Ahead of the premier of "Married to the Game," on Prime Video this week, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Taylor Ward's portrayal in the series.

While the documentary aims to offer viewers unprecedented access to the lives of footballers' partners, some fans couldn't help but notice the apparent lack of chemistry between Taylor Ward and her husband, Riyad Mahrez.

Riyad Mahrez Married To The Game
Riyad Mahrez is the highest paid African footballer in the world in 2024 | Credit: Getty Images

In one notable scene, the couple discusses Mahrez's lucrative transfer to Saudi Arabian club Al Ahli in the summer of 2023, which reportedly made him the highest-paid African footballer in the world.

Despite the magnitude of the transfer, viewers were quick to pick up on what they perceived as a strained dynamic between the pair, as Ward expressed her concern the 33-year-old Algerian footballer.

Riyad Mahrez Married To The Game
Riyad Mahrez also plays in the Saudi Pro League. (Photo Credit: Al Ahli)

Mahrez responded telling his wife that the mega-money move was “part of the game.”

Taylor Ward Married To The Game
Taylor Ward is the most followed WAG of African footballers | Credit: Instagram/Taylor Ward

However, while some fans expressed empathy towards the challenges faced by WAGs in balancing their personal lives with their partners' careers, others criticized what they perceived as a lack of authenticity in Taylor Ward's interactions on screen.

Taylor Ward Married To The Game
Taylor Ward is one of the most beautiful Wags of African footballers in the world | Credit: Instagram

The contrast between the glamorous facade often associated with WAGs especially in football, and the reality depicted in "Married to the Game" sparked debate among viewers.

One fan commented: ‘I bet she isn’t complaining when the 875k a week hits the bank.’

Another user wrote: ‘More like married to the money’

Another fan commented: ‘They both look like they’re barely hanging in there’

A fourth comment read: ‘What happens when you marry someone for money.’

Married To The Game, the new Prime Video documentary features five partners of current and ex-Premier League players, including Cat Harding, the long-term partner of Arsenal Midfielder Jorginho, Sara Gündoğan, wife of Barcelona midfielder and former Man City captain İlkay Gündoğan, Taylor Ward, wife of Al Alhi and former Man City winger Riyad Mahrez, Samantha Tarkowski, wife of Everton captain James Tarkowski, and Ash Turner, wife of Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Matt Turner.