Georgina Rodriguez could face penalty over Saudi Arabia's strict dress code policy

Georgina Rodriguez could face penalty over Saudi Arabia's strict dress code policy

David Ben 08:56 - 02.02.2023

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend could be at risk of being fined if she doesn't comply with a dress code.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez might be living the life in their new home in the Middle East since completing a mega-money move to Saudi league giants Al Nassr.

Ronaldo’s move also meant that his whole family has had to move to Saudi Arabia and are required to get used to a very different culture.

However, this might not be so simple for Ronaldo’s beautiful partner and mother of his children Georgina Rodriguez, mainly because of her exquisite taste in fashion and the way she often styles herself and shows off her looks, in public and on social media.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Regardless of her top-notch fashion style, the 29-year-old Spanish model and influencer needs to adapt to the strict customs of Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country with very clear rules, especially for women, on how to dress.

Georgina Rodriguez flaunts style on social media

Georgina Rodriguez/ via Instagram

The 28-year-old girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo flashed her toned abs in a purple crop top and matching mini skirt.

She also added a pair of Alo Yoga leggings underneath, coupled with white trainers and a vibrant pink handbag.

Georgina wrapped up in a black and white faux fur coat, while her raven tresses were styled in tight braids to complete the look.

Georgina’s recent outfit might go against the public decency law that exists in the Middle East country.

"It is recommended that, in public, you wear loose-fitting clothes that cover up to the elbow and below the ankle," the Visit Saudi tourism website explains as per Marca.

Georgina Rodriguez/ via Instagram
Georgina Rodriguez/ via Instagram
Georgina Rodriguez/ via Instagram

Although there is no complete list of prohibited garments in Saudi Arabia’s dress-code policy, it is understood that women cannot wear miniskirts, shorts, low-cut tops, halter tops, straps or ripped trousers.

Possible fine for Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez/via Instagram

With Georgina Rodriguez at risk of breaking this rule, she could now be forced to pay a fine in this regard.

According to a report by Marca, the first time a visitor commits such an infraction, he or she must pay a fine of 100 riyals, which is equivalent to about €25.

On the second occasion the fine is SAR 200, just under €50.

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