Xavi finally reveals reason for Barcelona U-turn with new contract on the horizon

Xavi has been linked to the vacant Chelsea job (Imago)

Xavi finally reveals reason for Barcelona U-turn with new contract on the horizon

Ayoola Kelechi 23:52 - 25.04.2024

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez was due for a summer departure before making a surprising U-turn

Barcelona's head coach Xavi Hernandez revealed the motivation behind his decision to reverse his initial plan to step down at the end of the season. Money was not a factor in his choice, as he emphasised his commitment to the club's well-being and his belief in the ongoing project.

Improved Performances and Morale

Xavi, flanked by club president Joan Laporta and sports director Deco, highlighted the significant improvement in Barcelona's performances and morale over the past two months. He stated, "What has transpired in the last few months has changed my perspective. I believe in the potential of this team and the project we are building."

Acknowledging the complexity of his decision, Xavi admitted that while he initially believed stepping down was best for the club in January, changed circumstances led him to prioritize continuity. He expressed, "It has not been a simple or easy decision. In January, I thought it was the best thing for the club, but circumstances have changed."

Rectifying for the Club's Sake

Xavi clarified that his decision was not driven by ego or financial gain but rather by the club's interests and confidence in their collective efforts. He denied rumours about requesting a release clause in his contract, emphasising his unwavering commitment to Barcelona. "It wasn't a question of ego or money, it's a question of the club's wellbeing and a matter of confidence in what we are doing," he affirmed.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta echoed Xavi's sentiments, affirming that the decision was motivated by sporting and institutional considerations rather than financial matters. He praised Xavi's selflessness and dedication to the club's values, stating, "Barcelona fans should know that Xavi has never been greedy when it comes to money, he has always thought about the club."

Xavi's Legacy and Future

As a Barcelona legend with an illustrious playing career, Xavi's decision to stay reflects his deep-rooted connection to the club and its success. Despite facing criticism earlier in the season, his influence and leadership remain crucial as Barcelona navigates through a challenging period. "I think that the project is not finished, that we can build it into a winning project. I am convinced and very excited," Xavi expressed.

Despite recent setbacks, both on and off the field, Laporta expressed unwavering confidence in Xavi's leadership and the club's direction. Xavi's decision to stay underscores Barcelona's commitment to their identity and long-term vision, instilling pride and optimism among fans. a

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