Why there is no Goal Line Technology in LALIGA amid El Clasico controvery

LaLiga president Javier Tebas

Why there is no Goal Line Technology in LALIGA amid El Clasico controvery

Faruq Ibrahim 22:44 - 21.04.2024

Lamine Yamal's possible goal in El Clasico sparked controversy and inquiries into the lack of goal line technology in LALIGA.

In a controversial moment during the recent El Clasico clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid, a potential goal was disallowed, sparking debate over the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga.


Barcelona took an early lead through Andreas Christensen in the sixth minute, but Real Madrid equalised with a penalty from Vinicius Jr. Later in the first half, Barcelona had a goal disallowed when Lamine Yamal's flick-on from the near post appeared to cross the line before being cleared by Real Madrid goalkeeper Andrey Lunin. 

However, due to limited camera angles, VAR could not help with a clear verdict in this instance of El Clasico, sparking controversy.

Why There is No Goal-Line Technology

Unlike other major European leagues, La Liga has not implemented goal-line technology. The Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Eredivisie have all adopted goal-line technology since 2014–2015. 

However, La Liga officials rely solely on VAR for goal-line decisions. President Javier Tebas reportedly refused to invest the £2.6 million ($3.2 million) required to implement the technology, believing that VAR is sufficient for resolving goal-line disputes. 

However, incidents like the one in El Clasico have reignited the debate over the necessity of goal-line technology in La Liga.

El Clasico Fallout and Tebas' Reaction

After the controversial incident in El Clasico, many fans criticized La Liga's leadership on social media. In response, Javier Tebas took to Twitter, sharing articles highlighting instances where goal-line technology had been proven wrong.

 He captioned his tweet with "no comment," further fueling the debate surrounding the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga.

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