Why Osimhen Wanted to Fight Ex-Barcelona Defender Yerry Mina

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Why Osimhen Wanted to Fight Ex-Barcelona Defender Yerry Mina

Ayoola Kelechi 18:29 - 25.02.2024

During Napoli's disappointing draw with Cagliari, Nigeria's Victor Osimhen was involved in a heated incident with defender Yerry Mina

Just two minutes into Napoli's tie away to Cagliari, Victor Osimhen was involved in a furious incident with Yerry Mina, a former Barcelona defender, who has quickly become notorious in Serie A for his unconventional and old-school defending techniques since his transfer from Fiorentina in January.

Mina’s Controversial Defending

Mina's methods on the field have stirred controversy, particularly for their unsportsmanlike nature as highlighted in various encounters, most notably in a tussle with Bologna's Joshua Zirkzee, where the Colombian defender resorted to pinching the striker's nipple in an off-the-ball incident. 

This incident is a vivid illustration of Mina's preference for the so-called 'dark arts' of defending, a style that prioritizes psychological and physical intimidation over conventional tactics.

The Incident with Osimhen

The tension between Mina and Napoli's forward, Victor Osimhen, escalated during a Serie A match, where Mina's aggressive tactics once again came to the forefront. Just minutes into the game, Mina employed similar controversial methods against Osimhen, provoking an angry response from the Nigerian striker.

Osimhen, evidently frustrated by Mina's actions, sought to bring the incident to the attention of the referee and his fellow players, explaining the cause of his visible agitation on the field.

This incident not only highlights the recurring theme of Mina's provocative defending style but also raises questions about the limits of physicality and mind games in professional football. 

While physical and psychological battles are inherent to football, incidents like the clash between Mina and Osimhen serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in competition.

As Serie A continues to witness the unfolding dynamics between players like Mina and Osimhen, the league, its officials, and its fans are left to ponder the true essence of sportsmanship in the beautiful game.

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