Why England could have SIX teams in the Champions League next season

Why England could have SIX teams in the Champions League next season

Ifeanyi Ufomadu 12:30 - 29.03.2024

England could have six representatives in the 2024-25 UEFA Champions League.

The 2024-25 UEFA Champions League will be the first to feature the new 'Swiss-style' group phase with 36 teams involved rather than the usual 32.

The expansion means two leagues will have five teams qualify from their league position.

England battling for 6 spots in next year's Champions League

England is vying for the coveted fifth spot, awarded to the national league with the strongest UEFA coefficient performance.

While Germany and Italy held the lead as of late February, England surged ahead with five out of six clubs in the last 16 advancing to the quarter-finals.

Super Eagles midfielder Mikel Obi celebrates Champions League draw participation.

However, there remains a possibility for a sixth English team to enter the fray.

The Europa League winners will be rewarded with a spot in next season's Champions League, providing an opportunity for West Ham, currently outside the Premier League's top five, to keep their Champions League dreams alive.

A Europa League triumph for West Ham is still a long shot as quarter-final opponents Bayer Leverkusen are in imperious form, while Premier League rivals Liverpool, remain formidable obstacle.

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