WATCH: This goal was voted most powerful in the Premier League in the 2022/23 season

WATCH: This goal was voted most powerful in the Premier League in the 2022/23 season

Ayoola Kelechi 23:05 - 30.05.2023

West Ham's Said Benrahma's stunning goal against Crystal Palace has been voted the most powerful goal of the season

With the end-of-season awards dominating the post-season discourse, West Ham’s Said Benrahma has won a place in the Premier League’s last set of awardees for the season with a wonder-strike against Crystal Palace. 

Benrahma wins end-of-season award

Benrahma, who had a quietly impressive season for West Ham, scoring six goals and assisting three more in 22 starts, was recognised in the post-season awards for having the Most Powerful Goal in the 2022/23 Premier League campaign. 

The award usually goes to the goal that is hit with the most force behind it, typically long-range stunners that leave the goalkeeper with no chance. 

Benrahma goal voted most powerful of the season

The high point of Benrahma’s goalscoring came against Crystal Palace at the London Stadium, with his goal winning him a Premier League award. 

His goal was clocked travelling at speeds of up to 107.17kph as it flew past Crystal Palace goalkeeper Vincente Guaita, earning it the award for the most powerful goal of the season.  

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Unfortunately, West Ham eventually succumbed to a defeat in the match against Crystal Palace, but at least they and Benrahma will have a positive memory of the fixture. 

Benrahma is the only West Ham player to win an end-of-season award after a relatively quiet League campaign from the Hammers, although they could give the fans something to savour from the season as they compete in the UEFA Europa Conference League. 

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