[Watch] Incredible reactions as Lionel Messi's son scores spectacular hattrick

Lionel Messi and Mateo Messi || Image credit: Imago

[Watch] Incredible reactions as Lionel Messi's son scores spectacular hattrick

Faruq Ibrahim 21:22 - 03.01.2024

Social Media errupts after video of Mateo Messi scoring hattrick hit the internet.

In the world of football, the legacy of a legend often sparks intrigue and anticipation, especially when it comes to their offspring. Such is the case with Mateo Messi, the son of football icon Lionel Messi, who is showing early signs of inheriting his father's extraordinary talent.

At just eight years old, Mateo has been turning heads in the football community with his recent hat trick for Inter Miami's academy team, signalling a bright future ahead.

Mateo Messi: A Rising Star in the Making

Mateo's showings have been nothing short of sensational. His ability to beat opponents with his dribbling skills, reminiscent of those of his father, has been a highlight. The way he receives the ball and navigates up the pitch shows a level of skill and understanding of the game that is impressive for his age.

His goal-scoring prowess is evident, having already netted ten goals for his team. What sets him apart from his illustrious father, however, is his ability to strike the ball with his right foot, adding a unique twist to the Messi football legacy.

Social Media Buzz: Fans React to Mateo Messi's Hat Trick

The emerging football talents of Mateo Messi, son of the legendary Lionel Messi, have not only caught the attention of the football world but have also ignited a wave of excitement on social media. 

From Twitter to Instagram, fans and football enthusiasts are buzzing about Mateo's recent hat trick for Inter Miami's academy team, with many drawing parallels between him and his father.

On Twitter, fans are expressing their awe and excitement. One tweet reads, "Mateo Messi is already showing he's a chip off the old block. Those dribbling skills! 🔥 #FutureStar." Another tweet highlights the potential for greatness: "Seeing Mateo Messi's hat trick, I can't help but think we're witnessing the rise of another football great. #MessiLegacy."

Thiago and Mateo Messi
Thiago and Mateo Messi

Instagram, too, is abuzz with reactions. A post with a clip of Mateo's gameplay garnered thousands of likes, accompanied by comments like, "Just like his dad, Mateo's got magic in his feet! 🙌⚽" and "The Messi dynasty continues... Mateo's right-foot strike is as good as gold! #NextGenMessi."

Carrying the Messi Legacy Forward

The buzz around Mateo Messi is growing, with fans and football enthusiasts eagerly watching his development. His exciting talent and impressive ball skills have not only garnered him a fanbase but have also sparked conversations about the future of football. As he thrives in his formative years under the guidance of Inter Miami's academy, many are keen to see how his career will unfold and whether he will continue to mirror the remarkable journey of his father.

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