Sweden rejects VAR, Premier League fans urge similar action

Sweden rejects VAR, Premier League fans urge similar action

Faruq Ibrahim 16:56 - 26.04.2024

Fans of the Premier League call for the competition to emulate Sweden, by rejecting VAR.

Swedish football has become the first to reject the introduction of VAR, providing hope for fans who oppose the technology.

Swedish FA's Decision

The Swedish Football Association (FA) has blocked the introduction of VAR after a majority of elite clubs campaigned against its implementation. Swedish clubs, like those in Germany, are at least 51% owned by fans, many of whom have been vehemently opposed to the use of VAR.

According to Swedish FA president Fredrik Reinfeldt, per, Daily Star, "If I counted correctly, we have 18 elite clubs and two districts that have said they do not want to introduce VAR. We respect that. That’s why we didn’t bring forward any proposal about VAR to the previous board of representatives meeting and I don’t foresee it in the future either. I stand by respecting the democratic rules of the game."

Reaction from Premier League Fans

The news of Sweden's rejection of VAR has been welcomed by fans across Europe, particularly in the UK, where opposition to the technology is at an all-time high. Premier League fans have long been critical of the application of VAR, and many are now urging similar action in England.

"Incredible news, now let's scrap it in England please," one fan said in response to the news. Another commented, "Good move. Wish rule-makers in the Prem would follow suit."

Future of VAR in the UK

Despite Sweden's rejection, there are no signs that VAR will be abandoned in the UK anytime soon. The governing bodies are gearing up to introduce it in lower league football as well as in Wales' Cymru Premier.

Sweden is now the only country among Europe's top 30 leagues to have decided not to introduce VAR.