Former Balon d'Or winner makes ground breaking proposal to halt lying referees

Former Balon d'Or winner makes ground breaking proposal to halt lying referees

20:39 - 17.04.2024

The former Milan and Chelsea star wants to radically change Ukrainian football's officiating standards.

Andriy Shevchenko, the legendary Ukrainian and European football icon who took charge of the Ukrainian Football Association at the end of January, is making headlines once again. 

This time, he's proposing an unconventional approach to tackle the long-standing issue of referee bias in domestic football matches.

Shevchenko's appointment as the president of the Ukrainian Football Association was not without controversy. 

Allegations surfaced claiming that Shevchenko had maneuvered to remove his godfather and predecessor, Pavelko, from his position to assume control of Ukrainian football.

Now, several months into his tenure, Shevchenko is taking a bold step to combat the alleged corruption that has plagued domestic football in Ukraine. 

He is advocating for the use of polygraph, or lie detector, tests for domestic referees in an effort to enhance transparency and credibility in officiating.

"We see the polygraph as an opportunity to obtain clearer information, to understand which referees can do the job and which ones cannot... Information that will help us start from scratch," Shevchenko stated.

“He further emphasised that any referees who fail the polygraph test in the future will be disqualified from officiating matches.

According to reports from The Athletic, Shevchenko's innovative proposal extends beyond just polygraph testing.

 He aims to revolutionise the referee appointment process by shifting from the current system, which considers factors like match importance, experience, and refereeing skills, to a completely random selection method.

This proposed change is part of Shevchenko's broader mission to eradicate corruption and restore integrity to Ukrainian football, particularly in light of persistent match-fixing allegations that have tarnished the sport's reputation in the country.

As Shevchenko continues to navigate the complexities of Ukrainian football governance, his determination to implement reforms highlights his commitment to fostering a fair and transparent football environment for all stakeholders involved. 

Only time will tell if his unconventional strategies will prove successful in achieving this ambitious goal.