Romantic heartbreak allegedly pushes OGC Nice midfielder Alexis Beka Beka to threaten commiting suicide

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Romantic heartbreak allegedly pushes OGC Nice midfielder Alexis Beka Beka to threaten commiting suicide

Festus Chuma 11:20 - 30.09.2023

OGC Nice midfielder Alexis Beka Beka's suicide threat on a viaduct due to a romantic breakup shocks football, prompting crisis response.

OGC Nice midfielder Alexis Beka Beka has thrust the football community in France into turmoil after reportedly threatening to jump from the Magnan viaduct in Nice, France. 

French media broke the story, revealing that a complex negotiation was underway with a club psychologist on-site, while a multitude of emergency services, firemen, and the military were brought in to handle the harrowing situation.

The heart-stopping incident unfolded atop the 100-meter-high Magnan viaduct, which is situated on the A8 motorway to the north-west of the picturesque city of Nice.

 Beka Beka, a talented 22-year-old midfielder, had suddenly pulled over by the roadside and perilously dangled his life on the edge, threatening to plunge into the abyss below.

Reports emerging from this tragic episode suggest a deeply personal and heart-wrenching motive behind his desperate actions.

According to sources cited by Marca, the crisis that unfolded on the viaduct's precipice was rooted in a painful romantic breakup that had left the young footballer in a state of profound emotional turmoil.

This alarming incident comes as a grim contrast to the promising career trajectory of Alexis Beka Beka, who joined OGC Nice just last year in a noteworthy transfer from Lokomotiv Moscow, which amounted to a staggering €12 million. 

However, this season has seen the midfielder sidelined, unable to take to the pitch and showcase his talents.

In the face of this heartbreaking crisis, OGC Nice has taken decisive steps to address the situation. The club swiftly canceled all of its scheduled media activities and established a crisis unit to navigate this devastating ordeal. 

While training sessions will continue, the press has been respectfully asked to vacate the premises, and a planned press conference has been postponed, as the club and its players grapple with the emotional toll of this shocking incident.