Premier League clubs side with FA over Manchester City court hearing

Premier League clubs side with FA || X

Premier League clubs side with FA over Manchester City court hearing

Stephen Oladehinde 14:44 - 05.06.2024

According to reports, 20 Premier League clubs are urging the court to reject Manchester City’s allegations.

Manchester City recently filed a lawsuit against the Premier League, claiming the FA financial rule book should be removed.

The Citizens' lawyers are now preparing to face off against the Premier League's legal advisors in a court battle after serving legal documents.

Clubs back Premier League in court case

Premier League clubs have taken a stance to support the FA against Man City following their legal action.

Premier League || X
Premier League || X

According to Centergoal on X, more than half of the Premier League clubs have sided with the Premier League against Manchester City ahead of an arbitration hearing next week.

The hearing is centred around the APT rules, which prevent clubs from inflating commercial deals with companies linked to their owners.

City argues that allowing other teams, particularly Manchester United, to use their financial dominance during the first fifteen years of the League's existence was irresponsible on the part of the Premier League and that doing so today amounts to even more discrimination.

The Citizens also contend that the two-thirds majority rule, which has been in place since the founding of the Premier League three decades ago, constitutes the "tyranny of the majority" in another section of the lengthy 165-page document that the club filed.

Manchester City take Premier League to court || Getty
Manchester City take Premier League to court || Getty

If City prevails and their damages claim is evaluated, the remaining Premier League costs might increase dramatically because all of these expenses are subtracted from the League's TV and sponsorship budget, which is distributed among the 20 teams.

However, it is unclear, though, how a Man City victory would affect the 115 current allegations that will be evaluated later this year by an impartial committee.