Paul Pogba handed career-threatening four-year ban in doping verdict


FOOTBALL Paul Pogba handed career-threatening four-year ban in doping verdict

Festus Chuma 15:51 - 29.02.2024

Paul Pogba has been banned for four years due to doping casting doubt on the future of the former Manchester United midfielder's career.

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has been handed a severe four-year ban from football.

The decision comes after the 30-year-old tested positive for testosterone following Juventus's season opener against Udinese last August. 

The hefty sentence was delivered by an anti-doping prosecutor's office in Italy, a move that could potentially mark the end of Pogba's time on the pitch.

The French international, who celebrated a World Cup victory with his nation in 2018, found himself in the midst of controversy after the doping allegations surfaced. 

Pogba's legal team, rejecting a plea deal, had hoped for leniency, arguing that the ingestion of the banned substance was accidental.

 However, their defense fell on skeptical ears, with the prosecution firm on its stance, leading to Thursday's decisive punishment, as reported by La Repubblica.

This ban poses a significant setback for Pogba, who will turn 31 next month, effectively sidelining him until he is almost 35. 

The timing is particularly unfortunate given his recent return to Turin in 2022 on a free transfer from Manchester United. 

Pogba's tenure at Juventus has been marred by injuries, limiting him to just two appearances this season before the suspension took effect.

The news has resonated beyond the confines of the football field, eliciting a response from France national team coach Didier Deschamps.

 "I'm sad about what Paul is living," Deschamps expressed, highlighting not only the recent events but also the series of personal and professional challenges Pogba has faced, which have impacted his performance and health.

As the football world reels from the news, the question now looms large over Pogba's future. 

Can he make a return to professional football after such a significant hiatus, or has the curtain closed on the career of one of the sport's most dynamic talents? 

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