New survey shows Man Utd fans often abandon games early

Man United fans dubbed England's worst fanbase || Photo Credit: Man United website

New survey shows Man Utd fans often abandon games early

Stephen Oladehinde 14:19 - 31.08.2023

When it comes to leaving games before the final whistle, Manchester United's supporters have been labelled the worst in England.

1,300 football fans were surveyed in a recent study by Betfair and YouGov to find out what they thought about spectators leaving games early.

These highlighted their primary reasons for doing so, the fan bases that were the biggest offenders, and what the general public thought of early leavers.

The worst supporters for scraping ahead were those of Manchester United, closely followed by Arsenal and Manchester City.

Manchester United fans || Photo Credit: Eurosports
Manchester United fans || Photo Credit: Eurosports

New survey’s revelation

Any fan could leave the stadium early for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the game isn't going as planned or simply to beat the traffic.

But perhaps not as obvious as some might have thought, 61% of respondents said they departed for a reason having to do with travel.

According to Dailystar, the majority (35%) of respondents stated they did so to "beat the traffic," while 25% said they did so to start their journey home, with many travelling fans in a jam due to timing.

Only a little fewer than 30% of those who acknowledged it were motivated by their team's defeat.

Last season, Arsenal received criticism after large numbers of their supporters were seen leaving the Emirates early during their 3-0 thrashing at home to Brighton, which all but ended their Premier League title race with Man City.

According to Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom, “Fans no longer have to sneak out in shame - now you can swagger out of the stadium with your head held high.

"Stoppage time is set to be even more nerve-jangling and longer than ever due to new rules in force this season.

"But our new 90-minute pay-out means you can celebrate early with Betfair. Arsenal and Man United fans who head off before the final whistle on Sunday are in for a treat - and can still beat the traffic.”