Mo Salah: How i save Liverpool's icon from being killed, bodyguard reveals

Karim Abdou and Mohamed Salah have been together for a decade. (Photo Credit: The Sun)

Mo Salah: How i save Liverpool's icon from being killed, bodyguard reveals

Izuchukwu Akawor 14:20 - 16.10.2023

Mohamed Salah's personal bodyguard lifts the lid on what it takes to protect the Liverpool legend.

Mohamed Salah’s personal bodyguard has explained the measures he put in place to protect the Liverpool icon from danger. 

Karim Abdou, who is the former head of security for the Egypt national team, gave insights into how he takes care of his fellow countryman.

Karim on Salah

Per a report from the Sun, the experienced security personnel revealed how he vets everything before passing it across to the Premier League legend.

"All gifts have to be scanned,” Abdou stated according to the Sun."We don't accept gifts, but sometimes if I take them from people they have to be scanned.”

Mohamed Salah is one of the Premier League's top earners and performers | Photo Credit: X/@MoSalah

“You never know what is in the gift. It could make him sick or kill him, you don't know."

Abdou went on to add that Mo Salah’s movement is always hidden as he is a wanted man in his country where the people are always on the lookout for the superstar who is worshipped. 

MO Salah
Karim Abdou says he scans every gift before it gets to Mo Salah. (Photo Credit: The Sun)

"He's a ghost, he cannot be seen," he added. "One time, he went to pray in a mosque. Nobody knew where he lived and somebody followed him and put in a WhatsApp group, 'Mo Salah lives in that address'. There were like 20,000 people who showed up at his house after five minutes."

Apart from the Egyptian national team, Abdou has worked with some of the most famous athletes in the world of football.

Mohamed Salah
Karim Abdou has been with Mo Salah for a decade. (Photo Credit: The Sun)

He has reportedly worked with former Real Madrid superstars, Roberto Carlos and Angel di Maria, and Italian icon Alessandro Del Piero. 

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