Messi reveals how he deals with players trying to annoy him on the pitch

Monterrey v Inter Miami Lionel Messi 10 of Inter Miami reacts against Monterrey during the Concacaf Champions Cup 2024 Round of Sixteen second leg at BBVA Stadium || Image credit: Imago

Messi reveals how he deals with players trying to annoy him on the pitch

Faruq Ibrahim 14:02 - 07.06.2024

Inter Miami star Lionel Messi explains how he copes with players b*tching at him during football matches.

Inter Miami star Lionel Messi has revealed how he copes with players trying to throw him off his game on the pitch by “b*tching” at him. 

The 36-year-old eight-time Ballon d’Or winner is one of the most efficient dribblers around. And when players are unable to stop him or hack him down, they attempt to unnerve him; given the success he has had in his career, those antics do not work either, and Messi explains how he deals with it. 

What Messi said 

Speaking in an interview with Infobae, the Argentina national team captain admitted that he gets infuriated by players on the pitch but said that he does not let it affect his game. 

He charged it to the game, stating that anything that happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.

"There are moments when you obviously get hot and react in the way you can,” Messi said. 

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

“There are moments that you don't control. The heart rate is so high. We all want to win and we try to do our best for that, so you react as best you can. But being hotter or less hot has no influence on the game. 

“I think it doesn't change what I do. But hey, I always say that everything that happens on the field stays there. Anything can happen—b*tching at you, fighting with you—it has to stop there and end and it can happen."

Meanwhile, despite being a Barcelona fan and legend, Messi admitted that Real Madrid, the Blaugrana's sworn rivals, are the best team in the world, following their Champions League triumph.

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