Manchester United's ex-captain Harry Maguire gives verdict on scrapping VAR

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire || Image credit: Imago

Manchester United's ex-captain Harry Maguire gives verdict on scrapping VAR

Faruq Ibrahim 23:44 - 18.05.2024

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire commented on the scheduled vote over the future of VAR in the Premier League.

Manchester United’s captain Harry Maguire has weighed in on the current discussion over maintaining or scrapping VAR ahead of the next season of the Premier League.

Premier League to vote over scrapping VAR

As Pulse Sports reported, VAR days in the Premier League could be numbered, as EPL clubs are set to vote over scrapping the technology at the start of next season

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) was introduced to the Premier League in 2019; however, the innovation has been met with antagonism by sectors of the fans and media since its inception. 

The Premier League is now considering scrapping the technology following another season of VAR-led controversies, after a petition from Wolves. 

The vote, according to the Athletic, per the Daily Mail, will be held during the league's next general meeting in Harrogate on June 6. Should a two-thirds majority be achieved, Premier League referees will be without video assistance next season. 

Football clubs are rebelling against VAR | Imago
Football clubs are rebelling against VAR | Imago

What Maguire said

The England international was quizzed about this development, and he opined that the aspects of the technology that require subjective input should indeed be done away with; however, those that are factual, like its utility in offside situations, should be retained.

 "I think it is going to divide opinion and a lot of people will want to keep it. Equally, the popular thing at the moment is to say get rid of it. It probably does need to be done better,” Maguire said, per The Sun.

The automated offsides are coming in next season and that will improve it. It will make things quicker. Personally, I would keep VAR but for offsides only. I would scrap it for everything that is opinion-based. Offsides are factual and not subjective. It is so difficult to lose a game on an offside goal when a player is two or three yards offside. 

“Everyone makes mistakes, linesmen make mistakes, so that is why I would keep VAR for that. But I would not have it for red cards, or penalties because even now, people disagree if a decision is right or wrong."