Luis Rubiales narrates in court how the Jenni Hermoso kissgate scandal unfolded as he claims star is 'lying'

Luis Rubiales has stood trial after controversial World Cup kiss | Imago

FOOTBALL Luis Rubiales narrates in court how the Jenni Hermoso kissgate scandal unfolded as he claims star is 'lying'

Mark Kinyanjui 17:31 - 04.10.2023

Rubiales insists the kiss was consensual, but Hermoso maintains it was not.

Beleaguered former Spain FA boss Luis Rubiales has continued to plead his innocence in court over the ill-famous kissgate scandal, saying that Jenni Hermoso is ‘lying’ about the incident.

Rubiales stepped down as Spanish FA (RFEF) president on Sunday, September 10, having undergone massive public pressure to do so ever since the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup on August 20.

Spain won the women’s World Cup, which sent the entire country into delirium. However, as the players were receiving their medals, Rubiales hugged and kissed Hermoso on the lips, which then created a series of events that culminated in the 46-year-old reluctantly stepping down from the post after finally bowing to public pressure.

Rubiales insists the kiss was consensual, but Hermoso maintains it was not.

The issue of consent was naturally a major line of questioning from the court, and after the judge persisted in asking whether there was indeed consent for the kiss, Rubiales insisted that Hermoso was lying.

"She knows perfectly well that she is being untrue,” he claimed, as per outlet El Espanol

“There is a moment when I ran into her because I was in the front row and she went to the bathroom. Fifteen seconds, it wouldn't be more.

 "Hey, Jenni, why don't we both go out? Let's end this, because this is going to hurt me a lot."

"No, look, President Rubi, I'll pass, I want to enjoy the World Cup, I'm not going to make any more statements. If I have already said it, he who wants to understand it should understand it, and he who does not want to understand it should not understand it."

"Yes, yes, you have explained it and it has been clear, but we are asking you, on the advice of those who know, that we go out together.

“‘I'm not going to do it. That's it.’”

Rubiales added that he had in fact asked for Hermoso's consent before kissing her after the World Cup final, a request to which the player agreed. 

“At the medal ceremony, I was hugging the players, the coach, when she passed by. She comes to me to give me a hug. We hug, she lifts me up and I make a gesture so as not to fall, all this with a conversation in which I remind her - because she had missed a penalty - to cheer up a little, that without her we couldn't have won the World Cup. 

“She tells me I'm a crack (a slang term of endearment in Spanish), thank you very much. And then I ask her, can I give you a little kiss, a little peck? And she tells me that it's okay.

“Well, out of joy. She grabs me wherever she can, I grab her too and that's it. Two or three minutes later they all grabbed me and pulled me up, swinging me. 

“And at that moment I'm not going to say that they shouldn't touch me, excuse me, my butt, my knees or my shoulder. We have won a World Cup and the tremendous euphoria and joy there is is indescribable. 

"It happened that way because when you win the lottery or a war ends, the war in Ukraine ends or you win a World Cup, well, that effusiveness, that spontaneity…”

Hermoso's lawyer proceeded to ask whether he thought he had shown her respect, which drew the response: 

“If I asked her before, how can I not respect her? And she left laughing and slapping me twice on the side.

“How am I going to ask for forgiveness if we were both super happy? And we hugged and then she came again and she kept me with others, and we were delighted with her life, if she didn't give it any importance.”