Ligue 1 Club to Get ₦87 Million Thanks to Ivory Coast After 2023 AFCON Success

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Ligue 1 Club to Get ₦87 Million Thanks to Ivory Coast After 2023 AFCON Success

Ayoola Kelechi 22:40 - 22.02.2024

The Ligue 1 club will receive a sizeable payout thanks to clauses in Ivory Coast's Emerse Fae's contract

Clermont Foot, the Ligue 1 outfit, is set to receive a significant financial boost amounting to approximately ₦87 million (€50,000), following Ivory Coast's triumphant campaign at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) earlier this month. 

This unexpected windfall comes courtesy of unique clauses included in the contract of Emerse Fae, who played a pivotal role in the Ivory Coast's coaching staff during the tournament.

 Contract Clauses Pay Off for Clermont

Emerse Faé, formerly associated with Clermont Foot as the reserve team manager until June 2022, had an ongoing contract with the French club that was valid until 30th June 2024. His transition from Clermont Foot to the Ivory Coast national team setup necessitated a special agreement, given his contractual obligations. Faé, who took over from Jean-Louis Gasset mid-tournament to become the national team manager, was initially brought in as an assistant manager.

To facilitate Faé's departure to the Ivory Coast national team, Clermont Foot and the Ivory Coast Football Federation agreed upon three specific conditions. The first stipulated that the Ivory Coast would organize a friendly match in Clermont before the contract's expiry in June 2024. The subsequent conditions were financially incentivized: Clermont would receive €25,000 if the Ivory Coast won the AFCON with Faé on the coaching staff and an additional €25,000 if Faé ascended to the position of manager.

Windfall for Clermont

With the Ivory Coast securing the AFCON title and Faé's elevation to the role of manager, both stipulated conditions were met, triggering the combined payment of €50,000 to Clermont Foot. This arrangement underscores the foresight of Clermont's management in negotiating such clauses, which have now resulted in a welcome financial injection for the club.

Clermont Foot, currently facing challenges at the bottom of the Ligue 1 standings, will undoubtedly find the additional funds beneficial. This unique scenario highlights the interconnectedness of football contracts and the potential for clubs to benefit from their personnel's achievements on the international stage. The success of the Ivory Coast at the 2023 AFCON has not only brought glory to the nation but also a substantial monetary reward to a French club, thanks to the astute contractual arrangements involving Emerse Faé.

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