‘He’s gonna do his best’- Garcia on Osimhen and Napoli feud

Rudi Garcia speaks on Osimhen || Credit: Imago

‘He’s gonna do his best’- Garcia on Osimhen and Napoli feud

Stephen Oladehinde 20:56 - 27.09.2023

The Napoli manager has opened up on the online issue relating to Victor Osimhen and his altercation with the forward.

Osimhen has been in the headlines for the past two days after going off on his manager following the draw against Bologna.

The Super Eagles star was also trolled by Napoli’s social media account after the game which has added more controversy.

Garcia has now spoken about the issue he had with Osimhen and the online trolling by the official Napoli TikTok account.

Victor Osimhen, Napoli forward || Credit: Fabrizio/X
Victor Osimhen, Napoli forward || Credit: Fabrizio/X

Garcia’s word on Osimhen

Garcia has come out to speak about Osimhen and has said that the forward will do his best to remain focused.

During the game against Bologna, Osimhen failed to convert from the penalty spot and was later substituted in the second half.

The Nigeria superstar was later trolled by Napoli's TikTok account which has caused a lot of comments from Osimhen’s camp and on social media.

According to reports from Romano Fabrizio on X, Napoli coach Garcia said, “We were frustrated after the draw vs. Bologna, then some awkward things on social media didn’t help us in the last two days.

“I spoke to Victor, it’s key to have him focused on the game — he’s gonna do his best for Napoli”.

Meanwhile, Victor Osimhen’s camp are considering legal action against Napoli for the video they made about the Nigerian international.