Ex-Ajax star Quincy Promes sentenced to 6 Years for cocaine smuggling

Quincy Promes || Image credit: Imago

Ex-Ajax star Quincy Promes sentenced to 6 Years for cocaine smuggling

Faruq Ibrahim 21:59 - 14.02.2024

Former Ajax forward Quincy Promes has been sentenced to prison for drug dealing related charges.

Former Ajax and Dutch international Quincy Promes has been sentenced to a six-year prison term for his involvement in a massive cocaine smuggling operation. The operation saw over 1,350 kilos of the drug intercepted in Antwerp in January 2020, hidden in a consignment purportedly containing sea salt from Brazil. 

A High-Profile Case with International Implications

Promes, who currently plays for Spartak Moscow, found himself at the center of this criminal investigation following allegations of his involvement in smuggling cocaine in two batches weighing 650kg and 713kg each. 

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service confirmed his and a 32-year-old co-suspect's guilt in importing, exporting, transporting, and possessing the illicit substance. 

The operation's sophistication was underscored by the drugs' concealment method, utilizing shipments of sea salt from Brazil as a cover for their illegal cargo.

Quincy Promes formerly of Ajax| Photo Credit: IMAGO
Quincy Promes formerly of Ajax| Photo Credit: IMAGO

Despite the gravity of the charges, Promes did not attend his trial, a decision that has only fueled further speculation about his perceived invincibility. "He seems to think he is untouchable in Russia or abroad," prosecutors remarked, highlighting a concerning detachment from the legal consequences of his actions. 

The initial demand from Dutch authorities was for a nine-year sentence, with accusations that Promes had not only invested in the drug trade but had also played a significant role in its organizational hierarchy.

From Football Fame to Criminal Infamy

The transition from a celebrated sports career to criminal notoriety has been stark for Promes. His journey through professional football, from Ajax to the international stage with the Netherlands, and then to Spartak Moscow, has been overshadowed by his legal troubles. 

Previously sentenced to 18 months for stabbing his cousin, Promes's legal woes have mounted, bringing into question his career's future and legacy.

The case has sparked a broader conversation about the challenges athletes face when transitioning away from professional sports and the temptations of illicit activities. As the football community grapples with the news, many are left wondering how Promes, once a national hero, could descend into such a dark and criminal path. 

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