Enzo Fernandez shows potential Lionel Messi saw in him after new role at Chelsea

Enzo Fernandez shows his talent || Credit: Imago

Enzo Fernandez shows potential Lionel Messi saw in him after new role at Chelsea

Stephen Oladehinde 21:27 - 04.12.2023

Mirroring Lionel Messi's accolades, Enzo Fernandez emerges as a pivotal force at Chelsea, showcasing world-class skills that align with the Argentine legend's praise.

Enzo Fernandez's Resurgence at Chelsea

Enzo Fernandez's journey at Chelsea, following his big-money move, initially saw a period of adjustment. However, a recent match showcased a significant change in his performance. 

In a challenging game against Brighton, where Chelsea were reduced to ten men, Fernandez emerged as a key player. His leadership and dynamic play in midfield were instrumental in securing a victory for Chelsea.

Player of the Match Performance against Brighton

Fernandez delivered an exceptional box-to-box midfielder's performance against Brighton, highlighting his attacking capabilities. 

He was particularly effective in the final third, showcasing his ability to create opportunities and make the right decisions.

Enzo Fernandez in action for Chelsea || Credit: Imago
Enzo Fernandez in action for Chelsea || Credit: Imago

Creativity at Chelsea

Fernandez's game against Brighton highlighted his progressive approach and positive contributions to Chelsea's attacking play. 

His forward-thinking passes and willingness to find attacking options rather than opting for safe sideways or backward passes were key elements in Chelsea's gameplay.

Enzo Fernandez proves Messi is right

Enzo's all-around world-class performance at the weekend was not just about his goals but also his general play. It confirmed the potential Lionel Messi saw in him during the 2022 World Cup, where he stepped up for Argentina. 

Messi had praised Fernandez for his remarkable performance in the World Cup, noting his rapid rise and impact despite limited national team experience.

Fernandez's Role and Chelsea's Future

Fernandez, who played with more freedom against Brighton, showcased his ability to excel in a more attacking role. This tactical shift could be pivotal for Chelsea, especially as they need more creativity and attacking output from their midfield. 

The coming games, including the match against Manchester United, will be crucial in determining whether this new role for Fernandez continues.

As previously reported by Pulse Sports, Enzo Fernandez's arrival at Chelsea was marked with much expectation following his transfer from Benfica

In his debut, Fernandez showed glimpses of his potential, despite Chelsea's draw against Manchester City. His performance was solid, contributing defensively and sparking optimism among fans for the season ahead. 

Fernandez's role at Chelsea has been evolving, and his recent performances have started to fulfil the promise he showed during his transfer, aligning with the high expectations set upon his arrival