Drama in Lagos FA as chairman suspended over misconduct

Drama in Lagos FA as chairman suspended over misconduct

Hassan Abdulsalam 14:58 - 17.10.2023

The chairman was suspended after five of the board members out of nine voted against him while were for him.

The board members of the Lagos State Football Association have supended its chairman, Ogboni Fouad Oki, over gross misconduct.

Sports247 reported that the chairman was suspended after nine board members voted against him while they were for him.

In their statement to the media on Tuesday, the board members, under the direction of LSFA vice chairman Alhaji Liameed Olawale Gafar, listed the offenses Oki committed that were in violation of the NFF's laws and regulations.

Fuad Oki and Liameed Olawale Gafar

He said that by skipping the NFF Congress without providing any justification and without informing the LSFA Board, the LSFA boss broke the NFF statutes.

According to Gafar, the disgraced chairman also altered the association's logo without getting consent from the board or Congress.

Oki also prevented representatives of the A1 camera for the Nigerian Professional League (NPFL) from using it for testing before the league started.

He claims that Oki released match day logistics for the 2023–2024 NNL season to NNL clubs without consulting the board.

Gafar further revealed that Oki and the Lagos State Sports Commission were at odds over the utilization of facilities, ruining their formerly cordial relationship.

He added that the board members had suspended Oki for interfering with and suspending a number of youth football competitions as well as recreational games and for threatening to have teams leave Lagos.