Don't compare me with Salah and De Bruyne, ‘I am different’- Nicolas Jackson hits back at critics

Nicolas Jackson hits back at critics || Credit: Imago

Don't compare me with Salah and De Bruyne, ‘I am different’- Nicolas Jackson hits back at critics

Stephen Oladehinde 08:54 - 18.12.2023

Chelsea's recent signing, Nicolas Jackson, has become a focal point of discussion. His journey since moving from Villarreal for £32 million has been a mix of highlights and challenges.

As he navigates his first season with Chelsea, Jackson's responses to criticism, his adaptation to a new league, and the inspiration he draws from renowned players like Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne provide a rich narrative of resilience and ambition in the face of adversity.

Jackson Facing criticism from fans

Chelsea's Nicolas Jackson, a £32million signing from Villarreal, has faced his share of criticism for being wasteful in front of the goal. 

Despite scoring seven goals in his 16 Premier League appearances, including a notable performance against Sheffield United, Jackson acknowledges the need for improvement. 

Transitioning from La Liga to the Premier League, he admits to missing opportunities but remains undeterred. His approach is to ignore detractors who, in his view, "don't know football," and instead focus on continuous improvement and adapting to the new league​.

Chelsea striker Nikolas Jackson || Credit: Imago
Chelsea striker Nikolas Jackson || Credit: Imago

Inspiration from Salah and De Bruyne

According to Yahoo Sports, Jackson draws inspiration from Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne, who faced similar struggles at Stamford Bridge. 

Mauricio Pochettino, heavily reliant on Jackson this season due to injuries to Armando Broja and the recent absence of Christopher Nkunku, has helped ease the pressure. 

By reminding Jackson of how Salah and De Bruyne overcame their challenges to become top players, Pochettino keeps the young striker motivated and focused on his potential growth​​.

Chelsea Dynamics and Future Outlook

With Chelsea currently 10th in the Premier League and looking ahead to a critical Carabao Cup quarter-final against Newcastle, Jackson remains optimistic. 

Emphasizing a step-by-step approach, he highlights the team's collective talent and mental strength. He stresses the importance of ignoring social media distractions and concentrating on team cohesion and victory. 

The unity and belief in the team, especially under Pochettino's guidance, are key factors in their strategy to improve performance and achieve success in the ongoing season​​​​.

Nicolas Jackson's journey at Chelsea thus far is marked by a blend of challenges and inspiration. His determination to adapt to the Premier League, inspired by the stories of Salah and De Bruyne, and the support from his coach and teammates, is a testament to his resilience and commitment to growth. 

As Chelsea navigates the remainder of the season, Jackson's development and contributions will be crucial to their aspirations for success.