CS Owalo delivers US-based support to Gor Mahia legends

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FOOTBALL CS Owalo delivers US-based support to Gor Mahia legends

Festus Chuma 15:13 - 27.09.2023

Two dedicated US-based fans significantly boost Gor Mahia Legends Welfare Sustainability Fund with their generous donations, showcasing international support for retired players.

Cabinet Secretary of Information and Communication, Eliud Owalo, persistently continues his admirable endeavors to uplift the lives of retired football legends associated with Gor Mahia FC, infamously known as the Green Army.

On Wednesday, Owalo made headlines by generously presenting a cheque to the deserving Gor Mahia legends.

For years, these retired players have basked in the glory of their days on the field, providing relentless entertainment and pride to their devoted fans. 

Now, as they navigate through the journey of retirement, support from figures like Owalo plays a pivotal role in ensuring their stability and welfare.

“Pleased to present, this morning, the bona fides for KShs. 400,000 to the Gor Mahia Legends Welfare Sustainability Fund to the officials,” announced Owalo.

 “The money has been contributed by Gor Mahia fans based in the United States, led by former Gor and Harambee Stars ace midfielder, Sammy Owino ‘Kempes.’”

Receiving the bona fides were notable figures and respected names in the football community: John Bobby Ogolla, Tobias Ocholla “Jua Kali”, David Ochieng “Kamoga”, Mike Otieno, and Maurice Ouma “Ole Tunda”

The former players gratefully acknowledged the donation, comprehending its significance in supporting the wellbeing of players who once stood tall and proud in Green Army colours.

Earlier this month, the Cabinet Secretary had already made waves by presenting a cheque of KShs 1 million to the football club, a gesture that is widely believed to have encouraged further contributions from the devoted fan base, with two fans subsequently making generous donations.

Eliud Owalo has consistently showcased his commitment to nurturing and supporting both active and retired football talent in the country. 

During the previous season, his involvement played a motivating factor in Gor Mahia’s triumph in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League title campaign.

Owalo’s proactive engagement with the sport and its players was evident when he participated in hyping the country's celebrated football showdown during the second-round game of the Mashemeji Derby last season. 

Furthermore, in recognition of Gor Mahia’s commendable league title win last term, Owalo bestowed upon the team a significant financial incentive of Ksh3 million. 

This gesture was particularly impactful, considering the absence of cash prizes from the league organizers, providing the triumphant team with a well-deserved reward for their hard-fought victory.

Eliud Owalo’s presence and support have continued into the current season, as he is frequently seen attending Gor Mahia matches and extending his assistance to players. His dedication to championing the welfare of players who have dedicated their lives to the sport is both evident and praiseworthy.